Apple Watch saves Unconscious Man after Falling off Electric Bike

A man in Hermosa Beach, California was riding his electric bike when he got into an accident, fell off of his bike in a bad way that he was knocked unconscious.

Fortunately, the cyclist was wearing an Apple Watch, which immediately did its thing – upon recognizing that its wearer had fallen and was no longer moving, the nifty device made a call to emergency services, as reported by Fox 11.

The local police department stated they got a call from the Apple Watch with the following message: “Owner of this watch has taken a hard fall.” It also revealed the location of the man so that the emergency services could find him as fast as they can. In the end, the Apple Watch successfully did its job, and was able to get an ambulance for its owner who had suffered a head injury from the accident.

“When officers arrived, they located the unconscious man lying in the roadway. The man was next to his electric bicycle and bleeding profusely from his head, police said. The man was treated on-scene by officers and transported to a local hospital for additional medical treatment and was ultimately released several days later.

Police said the incident appeared to be a solo-electric bicycle accident, but noted that posts circulating on social media claimed that the incident was a crime or an attack. Hermosa Beach Police did not specify what, specifically, the posts on social media claimed.”

When the watch detects a fall occurred, it starts a 60-second countdown. If you are okay after the fall, you can stop the countdown. However, if you are actually knocked out, the Apple Watch will automatically call 911 to inform first responders that somebody has taken a hard fall. The automated system also gives the coordinates where the fallen person could be found.

This is just one of the many stories where Apple’s ingenious smartwatch has played a crucial role in saving people’s lives – you can check more amazing “Apple Watch saves the day” stories here.

Aside from the fall detection, there are several other safety features built in to the Apple Watch including respiratory rate monitoring, heart rate monitoring, and more.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is the Cupertino tech company’s most recent smartwatch version, which features a bigger, more durable display and faster charging.

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