UK Woman claims Apple Watch saved her Life

A woman says her Apple Watch saved her life after it alerted her, which led her to an astonishing discovery – an undiagnosed life-threatening heart condition… Elaine Thompson, a 59-year-old from Gateshead in England, was recommended to wear an Apple Watch by her daughter to monitor her health, given that she had suffered from seizures … Read more →

Mayo Clinic Researchers use AI and Apple Watch ECG to help detect Weak Heart Pump

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have created an artificial intelligence algorithm that can analyze single-lead ECG readings taken by the Apple Watch to help patients detect whether they could possibly have a weak heart pump, according to research data that was presented at the Heart Rhythm Society conference on Sunday, May 1. Left ventricular dysfunction, … Read more →

Apple Watch ECG now Available to 30 more Countries as part of Update

Apple has released the watchOS 7.6 update to users worldwide on Monday, July 19, bringing along with it the expanded availability of Apple Watch features related to the heart such as irregular rhythm notifications and ECG functionality. In an update to Apple’s watchOS Feature Availability page, the watchOS 7.6 delivers ECG functionality to 30 additional … Read more →