5 Tips for Tech Bloggers Who Want to Lose Weight and Blog Better

If you search online, there are treasure troves of information you can find on losing weight. For bloggers however, the situation is a bit trickier compared to others. Bloggers, and especially tech bloggers, tend to lead a more relaxed lifestyle. Sitting in a chair all day, walks to the bathroom or kitchen and scratching your head pretty much sums up the extent of their physical actions. It is this type of lifestyle that can make gaining weight really easy and losing it very hard.

There are ways however, for a blogger to get sufficient exercise and proper diet regardless of their limitations. There are exercises that can be implemented at your desk. Also, reliable online dieting sources such as Diet to go or BistroMD can provide information on proper diets for bloggers. All these are possibilities if the blogger sets their mind to it. If you can have the discipline to take care of yourself, you will be able to benefit from the many advantages of a healthier lifestyle.

Maintain a proper and balanced diet

First and foremost, let us approach your source of sustenance. You get your energy from food. Maintaining a proper and balanced diet can work wonders for your daily store of energy. Too many tech bloggers are often tempted to go for that quick alternative of a microwave dinner or pizza delivery their order from their iPhone, but these are not healthy for your body especially if eaten frequently. Weight loss will be challenging if you continue to depend on these foods.

Check the internet for reliable and low cost dieting help

Most bloggers use the internet for technical, SEO, traffic, or other matters. But how many bloggers resort to the vast supplies available online for getting the right diet? Online providers such as Diet to Go or BistroMD can plan your daily meals to help meet your daily-required nutrients. If you search you may find a coupon available as well. This coupon can help you alleviate the cost for such services.

Drink more water

Try to avoid giving in to the temptation of small snacks when you feel hunger pangs. Instead, drink water. This is a great solution for weight loss as well, since water contains zero calories.

Exercise by your desk

Push yourself to do mini exercise routines at your desk. Remind yourself to take stretching breaks and a few simple muscle-building exercises are a great way to encourage good blood circulation. Take a quick stroll outside or do some jumping jacks to get you breathing deeply. A power nap is good for refreshing your mind as well.

Maintain a good posture

Women especially should avoid bad posture as this can lead to back problems later on. Constantly remind yourself to sit up straight whenever you catch yourself in a bad position. If done on a regular basis, exercises like those above can help you stretch your muscles and stay fit.
It’s been over a year since I gave birth to my baby boy. But after pregnancy I really couldn’t stopped eating. Got few pounds and noted that hubby stopped looking at me as before… Got advices to try phenterminehealth.com in small doses – lost the appetite and started dropping my weight. Yay!

If you constantly remind yourself about these practices, you will be on your way to a much healthier lifestyle. Remember that consistency is key and that your routine should not stop once you have reached your target weight. Your new regimen should become a regular habit. If you can fight this mental battle against lethargy and laziness often generated by having the latest technology in your hands, you will be guaranteeing yourself a much healthier future.

Guest article written by: Christofer loves to write about latest gadgets available in the market and what to expect from the upcoming ones. He also writes on fitness challenges faced by computer enthusiasts and tries to solve their problems.

27 thoughts on “5 Tips for Tech Bloggers Who Want to Lose Weight and Blog Better”

  1. Nice tips,

    Drinking lot of water reduces the chance of any disease, one should try to take 3-4 liter of water in a day. plus you should make your schedule for early morning walk or running, you can do it at evening time as well.

  2. I stumbled on your post and this applies to me. I am weight conscious since I find it hard to move when my weight gets larger. AS of now, my BMI is still on the healthy range but since I began working online I had issues with me gaining weight and my posture. I do plan to drink more water more often than usual because of my urge to eat snacks in between meal. I also included exercises in my daily routine to use op my muscles.

    One thing I can’t seem to put out from my habit is not having proper posture while working. Thank you for reminding me about posture. I would really keep this in mind.

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  6. The blogger has very passive life style , always sitting on the chair and blogging and it is certain that it will gain a considerable amount of weight so these are very good tips for blogger for healthy living.

  7. The biggest mistake one can make in his attempt to lose weight, is not to drink enough water each day. Drinking water is essential to eliminate toxins and have a good general health.

  8. I’ve got dumbbells below my desk and I can do curls while thinking or surfing. I also use the big rubber balls to keep my posture right and I can do sit ups on those big rubber balls. I try to to exercise three times a week.

  9. Also you can try eating more often but less, for example 5 times instead of 3. Do not eat more food, just eat the same food but in 5 meals. This will help because the unprocessed by the body food can turn in fat and the more you eat in one meal the more will be unprocessed and will turn to fat. And do not forget to eat fibers (raw vegetables for example) because they counteract the effect of sugar. There is a lot of fiber in vegetables that are hard. The fiber makes them hard. There is fiber in fruits too, but there is sugar as well, so avoid the very sweet fruits.

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  22. This is pretty funny because I was just thinking the same thing yesterday: how can a blogger like me lose a little more pounds? I have to say that the tips you’ve provided aren’t really applealing to me! I’m not sure if they will work or not!

  23. In the office, all the day sitting on the chair is the responsible factor for the high weight and becasue of that person will have to suffer from many problems such as high blood pressure etc. So losing weight by exercise is the best idea in the comparison of to control over the food.

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  25. Im documenting my weight loss in my website ( http://www.MyLucban.com ), that way i can keep track of my weight and it forces me to do something too because everybody else sees it, so i have to make it work.


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