Tips on How to Prevent Weight Gain During Winter

Some people make it a point that before that dreaded winter time comes, they make sure to book a flight to a tropical country like Puerto Rico with the help of a Toronto seo firm, so that they don’t have to tolerate the cold snowy weather.

But what about those who cannot afford a tropical beach vacation? Of course, they will have to just endure the cold atmosphere, not to mention gaining yet again a few unwanted pounds.

According to, there are many reasons why we gain weight during winter, and once we know what’s causing this, then we can find ways on how to prevent it.

Midnight hunger pangs

The need to feed is mainly due to the decrease of blood sugar during winter. When we eat poorly at dinner, for example high-calorie fatty meals, then we tend to experience midnight hunger pangs at midnight or before bedtime, thus triggering weight gain. Untimely hunger should be suppressed by low-calorie snacks and lots of water instead.

Less water intake

Weight gain during winter time is also due to not drinking a lot of water. Because the water tends to be very cold, it becomes quite uncomfortable for most people to drink some. Bear in mind that low water intake can cause a flurry of health issues like weight gain, fatigue and worst of all, dehydration. To combat this, keep yourself hydrated by drinking water regularly. You can also eat foods that have high water content such as cucumbers, tomatoes, oranges, berries and melons.

Eating habits and body temperature

Winter is the time when people’s differences in eating habits become evident. The main reason for this is the fact that the climate is much colder. Because the air is very cold, our bodies react to this by making us feel that we must eat in order to generate heat and be comfortable. Therefore, many of us tend to eat even more than our usual capacity just to constantly keep ourselves warm. End result – weight gain. To avoid getting fat, make sure to eat foods low in carbs and eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and protein. Also, try to eat small but frequent meals, like three main meals and a snack or two in between.

Lack of exercise

Weight gain is simply put this way – we gain more energy than we spend. Most people don’t exercise at all in winter because of the uncomfortable cold weather. Nobody wants to breathe in icy snowy air and it is also hard to sweat if everything around is frozen. The solution for this is obvious – make it a point to exercise whether it is summer or winter. Try to exercise a minimum of three days a week, up to 45 minutes each.

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