6-Week Rescue System for Bloggers to Regain Fitness

Blogging and bad health have become synonyms to each other. Several analyses show that bloggers tend to loose their fitness gradually, unlike other businesses, where one can maintain ideal health. This is why, several health programs like Medifast and Nustrisystem have come up for rescue of the bloggers community.

A well-set system is needed for you to get into ideal state of fitness body; therefore we are stating a planned weekly system. It will act as an easy guide, and if followed carefully, it would help you regain the lost glory of your face and shed extra pounds at the same time.

Week 1 – Have Plenty of Water

Start with getting into a habit of taking enough water, as it is really helpful in maintaining ideal weight of an individual. Furthermore, it will spread a distinguished shine on your face. Keep a water bottle 24 x 7 with you, whether you are uploading a post on your blog, or commenting on the same. But remember, you can get all benefits only if you drink water in sips.

Week 2 – Fresh Fruit Juices

Fast foods often consumed by bloggers are a threat to the digestive system. Fruits are a great source of carbohydrate. Moreover, the digestion time of fruits is only an hour or so, which means that you can enjoy vast amount of energy, which you can use to get results in the online business.

Week 3 – More and More Fibers

The next step towards attaining the right weight and ideal health is to consume diet full of fibers. Leafy veggies, carrot, cauliflowers etc can serve the purpose well. More ideas on fiber diet can be found on the online health resources like Bistro MD and Diet to Go.

Week 4 – Exercising Vigorously

Now that the portion of your meal is dedicated to weight loss, fourth week is the right time to start exercising and move your body. There are a number of options for you. You can buy a treadmill for your personal room and get going on it, whenever you get free time from your blogs. Android market offers weight loss apps, which are easy to use and quite useful, when it comes to keeping a check of calories consumed.

Week 5 – Set Goals and Get Going

By now, your motivation is on a high and your weight is under control. Now, you are in a position to set your goal for the required weight-count. Get an active friends circle that can inspire you at every step of your weight loss journey. Appreciate your success, which will act as yet another source of motivation and there’ll be nothing stopping you.

Week 6 – See the Magic

Now, it’s your turn to reap the fruits of your efforts. Enjoy the radiant glow on your face and an unprecedented scale of energy. But remember, the habits gained till now should be continued for a lifetime. However, having your favorite food or visiting your favorite restaurant is excusable once a week.

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Guest article written by: Irfan writes for a number of weight loss and diet blogs. He is an avid blogger himself and a weight loss enthusiast. If you are a blogger with an interest in online marketing see a few internet marketing lessons you can learn from Medifast in this article.


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Guest article written by: Irfan writes for a number of weight loss and diet blogs. He is an avid blogger himself and a weight loss enthusiast.


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  2. Ever since I started blogging fulltime, my daily exercise reduced drastically. This started impacting my fitness level with time. I then decided to take up gym membership and exercise at-least 3 times a week. This has helped me regain some lost fitness and I now get to blog better.

  3. Remember the biggest meal of the day should be your breakfast as this gives you the energy for the day and the smallest should be your dinner as you dont use much energy after 8pm

  4. Interesting system. It takes some time to change bad habits because not all things can be changed overnight. Consistently to do so, and, like you said = see the magic..!


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