How Does RFID Location Tracking Work?

In 1945, Leon Theremin invented a small listening device for the Soviet Union — He christened it “the Thing.” It was a tool that retransmitted incident radio waves with added audio info. This little device, a covert spy gadget in line with the 007 mentalities of the day, is today considered the predecessor of the … Read more →

Why there is a need to adopt an Applicant tracking system?

Essentially, the monitoring systems of applicants are mostly used to ease the handling of demands and applications, but ATS allows much more today. Web-based applications for applicants can be incorporated to provide an in-depth experience in a pre-existing job site when gathering and organizing applicants’ information. The ATS will rate the curriculum vitae and the … Read more →

Tracking Someone Using a Phone

Whether you are a concerned parent, a private investigator, an employer who needs to monitor your employees, or a spouse who smells something fishy, apps and trackers are available for you to easily track someone’s activity. Keep in mind, however, that it is important to use an app or GPS device in a way that … Read more →

Understanding Discrepancies in Conversion Tracking Between Google Ads and Google Analytics

Have you ever noticed that conversion tracking in Google Ads never matches the conversion data in Google Analytics? A simple solution to these data discrepancies is to simply import Google Analytics conversions into Google Ads… OK, that might clear up the data discrepancy, but only because you’d actually be looking at Google Analytics numbers in … Read more →

5 Reasons You Should Track Your Time

Time is by far our most valuable resource, mainly because of the fact that it seems like there isn’t really so much of it to go around. There are only twenty-four hours in a day, eight of which most of us spend sleeping, so it’s important that we use the sixteen that remain in a … Read more →

iPhone Tracker Applications Monitoring Your Stolen Mobile

Everybody heard about numerous advantages of monitoring applications. It is easy to find your stolen phone wherever it is and whoever it took. When asking someone about benefits of using these applications, everybody lists the following ones:Everybody heard about numerous advantages of monitoring applications. It is easy to find your stolen phone wherever it is … Read more →

How to manage multiple jobs

Today’s business person manages an entirely different world than the business owners of the past.  Technology has opened doors to the entrepreneur that did not exist before. More people work from home or telecommunicate at least part of the time. Few people, freelancers or traditional business people, wear only one hat. From CEO’s to project … Read more →

Mobile Tracking: More Than Just a GPS Function

GPS is the popular name for global positioning system devices that people commonly use for direction-finding while driving, walking and other cases. Actually, GPS is a space-age technology that allows you to find out the location and weather information. After the Cold War, the United States government felt the need to spend the money on … Read more →

GPS: A Key In Tackling Overpopulation

More and more industries are looking towards innovations like GPS vehicle tracking software to tackle the transportation landscape of the future. Back in February, Bill Ford, chairman of Ford Motor, spoke at the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where he urged governments, the auto world, and communication companies to work together in solving global … Read more →

GPS Tracking Equipment –a Boon to Your Business

A GPS tracking system can help in securing business and personal life. They can help in detecting productivity times of employees, poor driving abilities or poor route selections, practices of unsafe practices and speed driving, unauthorized and personal use of vehicles, exaggerated or untrue time sheets, showing work details, excessive breaks for lunch and tea, … Read more →