Top 5 Apps To Locate Your Phone in Case You Lose It

If you are like me (and thousands of others in the world) then you simply cannot live without your cell phone. These little devices are something that many of us have become totally dependent upon. For instance, what is the first thing I do in the morning? Before I even get out of bed I reach over and look at my cell phone. I check my mail messages and the weather before I have been awake for two minutes. I depend on my phone for work, social connections, calculations, alarms and calendar events. I would feel naked without it.

The problem is that these phones are so compact that sometimes we cannot find where we laid them down! Sometimes we get distracted after a phone call or email and forget to put our phone back in its case. Sometimes we simply cannot remember when it was last seen. For me, losing my cell phone switches me over to panic mode. I can only imagine how horrible it is for those of you who set their phones on vibrate! At least when the volume is up you can call it from anther phone and track it down. However, this will only work if you lost in the vicinity in which you are dialing for the sound. What happens if you have been ten places in a day and have no idea where the phone may have been dropped or left? Cell phone app developers recognize this issue and have come to our rescue with phone apps that are meant to help us find lost or stolen cell phones – and we love them for it! I highly recommend that once you get a new phone, you install one of the following five apps before you do anything else! It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to such an important part of your life!

#1 Where’s My Droid

This is a “free” app for which you must donate $1 to get use of. This is an awesome app that can even find your phone if it is on silent or vibrate. All you have to do is use someone else’s cell phone to text your phone. The text is a private code specifically made for your cell and once your phone gets the text, it will turn itself up and rings as loud as it is able to. If the phone is not close enough to hear, you can also text a different code and a GPS feature will kick in to locate it for you.

#2 SeekDroid

This app is well worth the .99 cents that it costs to download and activate. Keep in mind though that this one is only available for those who have an Android 2.2 or higher. This should be no biggie though as most people do. This app can locate your phone through a GPS system, make the phones alarm go off and lock the phone and SD card in case it was stolen.

#3 Prey Anti-Theft

This is a free application that, like with other lost phone apps, locates your lost device with GPS action. Simply text your phone and it can be tracked by the GPS feature. It can also be tracked with laptop software. Also, if need be, this app will lock your device in case it was stolen and not just misplaced.

#4 McAfee Wave Secure

This app is a bit more costly than others but well worth it. You get to try it free for a week and if you like it, pay $19.90 each year. It has been afforded the title of the ultimate phone locating application on the market. You can track a lost or stolen phone with a GPS online, through text messaging and the phone can be locked by satellite remote. If someone has stolen your phone, you can get an instant call history in case the culprit has used it to make calls even if they think they have been slick by changing your SIM card. The thief will never know the app has been activated as it hides it presence when it is set off just for that purpose.

#5 Lookout Mobile Security

This app can be gotten for free or you can pay $2.99 a month for the premium services. This is not just a good application for lost or stolen phones. In fact, its main purpose in development was to keep phones from getting viruses. However, once it was used to track down a stolen car and help police bring the thief to justice, it was labeled as a phone locater app as well.  It uses a GPS tracking device and keeps your web browsing time safe. Who could ask for anything more?

No matter which of these apps you choose, or if you choose one that is not even on the list, know how important it is to have some type of protection. If we are to depend on our phones as much as we do, it is important to keep them safe.

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Guest article written by:: Gabriela is a tech enthusiast, passionate about the mobile industry and gadgets. She’s a technology entrepreneur, co-founder of, a platform for unlocking mobile phones.


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Guest article written by:: Gabriela is a tech enthusiast, passionate about the mobile industry and gadgets. She’s a technology entrepreneur, co-founder of, a platform for unlocking mobile phones.


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  1. I have used prey-anti theft. Its really a nice app. But haven’t tried out other things. Should check out. by the way, which is your favorite ? I mean which one do you suggest ?

  2. Ofcoures these are fine. but “find my iphone” is far superior to those android apps. Android developers need to improve.


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