Apple rolls out iPhone 5 ads – and a parody…

Four new iPhone 5 ads has been rolled out by Apple, the first one “thumb” shows why the screen is the size it is (and why it’s not bigger), because you need to be able to use it with just one thumb, still.



Cheese is about taking panorama photos…


The new iPhone 5 is both bigger and smaller at the same time, how can that be possible…?


Earphones should be shaped for ears, right?


And finally, there’s the parody video, obviously not made by Apple 🙂  But it’s funny, “a taller change than expected”.

4 thoughts on “Apple rolls out iPhone 5 ads – and a parody…”

  1. iPhone 5 have some unique features and thats why apple sales 5 million iPhones within 3 days. Its bad news for apple’s competitors like Samsung and Nokia. It always happend when apple launch any product then definately Samsung or Nokia add some extra features on his product and make better that apple. But that time its little bit harder because apple sales 5 million iPhone in just 3 days.

  2. There haven’t been any iphone 5 adverts at all in the UK on any TV channel. I don’t know why as there are quite a few people here.
    I can’t ever recall seeing one to be honest although lots of people have iphones, so it shows that nowadays the internet is all you need if your company gets big enough. Why waste money advertising. There must have been 1000s of articles written about the latest iphone before it had even hit the streets.


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