Which Printer Is Right For You – Inkjet or Laser?

Printers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, prices, and models. There are two types of printers that sell more than any other type of printer. These two printer types have been battling it out for the number one position in the top selling printer list for years. In one corner you have the lightweight champion, the inkjet printer. In the other corner you have the heavyweight champion, the laser printer. Which printer is the best? This is a lot like comparing apples to oranges. Each of these printers has their own unique features, and each one will also outperform the other in certain printer environments. Determining which type of printer is better really depends on what the printer is needed for. Here is a quick comparison of the two that will help you decide which printer type is right for you.

Let’s take a closer look at the inkjet printer

Don’t let prices deceive you. At first glance, it may seem like the inkjet printer is the clear winner based solely on price. Typically inkjet printers are quite a bit cheaper to purchase than a laser printer. It almost appears as if some printer manufacturers are practically giving away their printers. This is a common trap that many people fall into.

During the life of an inkjet printer, consumers quickly find out that things can get expensive. Inkjet printers are known to go through ink cartridges fairly quickly, especially if a lot of color printing is done. The whole reason people choose an inkjet printer is for their color printing capabilities, but in some cases, an inkjet printer can be very expensive.

Inkjets are good at keeping things simple. If you need to print photo quality graphics and images, then an  inkjet might be the best choice for you. Inkjets are better at blending colors than laser printers. There are laser printers that can do color prints, but they are not as sharp and crisp as the inkjets are.

There are several reasons why inkjet printers print better color photos. Some inkjet printer models have special photo quality ink that helps them generate extremely high detailed photos.

Inkjet printers also offer more variety when it comes to printable materials. With an inkjet printer, you can print on customized stationary, card stock, fabric, canvas, and even iron-on material.

Let’s take a closer look at the laser printer

Laser printers are typically more suited for business use. They are known workhorses, and they can produce perfectly printed text a lot faster than an inkjet printer can. Speed is the number one reason that most businesses choose a laser printer over an inkjet printer. When you are running a business, time is money. The faster things can get done, the more money a business can make.

Laser printers can print color, and they can do graphics as well, but if you are mostly printing text like work orders and invoices, then a laser printer is the best choice. These printers are not designed to print full color pictures quite as well as inkjet printers are.

Laser printers might seem more expensive at first, but in the long run a laser printer will create a lot more prints than an inkjet will. The life cost of a laser printer is quite a bit less than the less expensive inkjet printers.

Laser printers are also known to be much quieter than inkjet printers are. In a small office space where a lot of printing is being done, noise can be a big issue. Inkjets are notorious for being loud when they print. With a laser printer you won’t have to deal with this problem.

There is one thing both inkjet and laser printer owners will have to deal with. Both of these types of printers will require replacement ink or toner. Finding a company to supply replacement ink or toner can often be as challenging as deciding which printer is right for you. Many people will buy ink and toner from the printer manufacturer, but this is not always the best choice. [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]www.cartridgediscount.co.uk/[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]www.cartridgediscount.co.uk/[/tp] has massive savings on all types of ink and toner. They also offer free shipping on everything. Getting replacement ink or toner just became more affordable and a lot easier.

Guest article written by: Trent James is a contributing author who runs his own accounting business from home. He prints thousands of documents every month, and he has come to rely on his printer to help him get his job done.

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