Tracking Someone Using a Phone

Whether you are a concerned parent, a private investigator, an employer who needs to monitor your employees, or a spouse who smells something fishy, apps and trackers are available for you to easily track someone’s activity. Keep in mind, however, that it is important to use an app or GPS device in a way that is consistent with the law in the jurisdiction you reside. Otherwise, you may be subject to legal issues.

Tracking Someone Using a Phone

There are a wide variety of spy apps available for iOS and Android devices. These apps allow you to locate a stolen phone, track your loved ones, or catch a cheating spouse red-handed. Using such spy apps may require your recipient’s consent.

Installation and features

All you have to do is install the spy app on the target phone, then activate it using a license code. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to log in to the app’s online portal to access information collected from the target phone. This includes messages (texts and messages from various other messaging apps), phone calls, browsing history, and GPS location. Other monitoring apps have even more advanced features, such as social media and key logger monitoring. You can also reply on behalf of the other user, block the sites you do not want them to visit again, save screenshots and other files from the target’s phone, and record calls even if they get deleted.

Are you the one being tracked?

Here are several other signs that a spy app is installed on your phone without your knowledge:

  • Your phone’s battery drains faster than usual and is always warm even if you’re not using it.
  • You hear static, hums, clicks, scratches, echoes, beeps, buzzes, or other strange background sounds when talking on the phone.
  • You receive text messages from a phone number you don’t recognize, and the texts include weird codes, random numbers, or suspicious links.
  • Your phone’s screen keeps lighting even if you’re trying to turn it off.
  • Other apps run slower than normal.
  • Unknown apps are running in the background.
  • It takes long to turn off your phone.

If you happen to be experiencing these signs, install anti spyware apps or ask help from your phone carrier before your security gets compromised.

Tracking Someone Using GPS Trackers

The global positioning system or GPS was developed by the US government, originally exclusive to the military. The system consists of 24 satellites in orbit above the planet and receives signals from these satellites to use them to pinpoint and track a device location, with an accuracy of within a few yards during optimal conditions.

What can GPS trackers do?

GPS trackers are used to locate people, pets, or things almost instantly—as long as the one you’re trying to locate has a device on them. You can track your family members, household help, valuables, luggage, or even your car in seconds, with the added expectation of getting their GPS locations in real time.

This means that you can keep track of the time your fifth-grader leaves school and arrives home as well. Geofence alerts also notify you when the tracker is somewhere outside your allowed area so you can track your teenager’s use of your car or if your elderly parent is roaming outside their usual routes. When your teen is out with friends and found themselves in trouble, for instance, there is also an SOS button that they can press to send an automatic alert to you or the police.

Locations of single cars or even entire fleets can also be found within seconds so you know if someone is off the road, idling, or not using your fleet properly.

Any object with any value to you, like works of art, jewelry, or even luggage during travel, can also be fitted with these trackers. Any asset or thing you need to monitor can instantly be tracked down, and you can follow its path via the GPS monitoring platform.

Setting it up

Usually, you’ll be asked to register in your tracking company’s website first, turn on the tracking device, activate it on the website using its serial number or device ID, and install the accompanying app to your phone.

Most GPS trackers include attachment accessories like magnets, belt clips, lanyards, Velcro straps, carabineers, pouches, and various others in every purchase. Other trackers are watches. Simply attach the device to your vehicle, drone, or pet or slip it into your luggage or loved one’s pocket.

And you’re all set. By then, you’ll be able to check your recipient’s location on the app or the website and play around with the settings and features that the tracker offers.


As we mentioned, spying on people without their consent may be illegal in your country or state. Use spy apps and GPS trackers with caution.

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