12 Smartest Xiaomi Gadgets To Expect in 2019

Xiaomi is actively expanding its range. It is not smartphones and bracelets only.

Recently, it moved aside the “smart home” and began to offer unusually affordable solutions of the most different sense.

We offer to get acquainted with the new smart things from the leading technology company of China, which have already gone into production and will be available for order next year.

And yes, some models can already be found on the websites or make a pre-order in China.

1. One Smart Doorbell camera

Xiaomi launches long-awaited doorbell with camera. Before that, it offered only a separate camera and a wireless button, which some used as a call.

F2.0 wide-angle lens with a 105 ° viewing angle, video capture at 720p, two-way audio communication, and automatic alarm when trying to disassemble the device.

2. Caty Doorbell

A camera with a resolution of 720p and a viewing angle of 166 ° is installed in the official opening of the door peephole. On the inside of the door is a 7-inch display with a resolution of 1024 × 600 pixels.

The device is activated when you press the bell, or there is a movement behind the door. The camera can record all people passing by the apartment. There is a built-in memory of 4 GB.

The developers promise an intelligent face recognition system of the owner that, together with a smart lock, will automatically unlock the door to the apartment owner. The main thing is to work without glitches and bugs.

3. XiaoFang 360˚ camera

The new camera with a rotating mechanism can shoot a circular panorama. When you connect a VR headset, you can conveniently control the rotation of the camera.

Shooting video in 720p, on the body there are two lenses with a viewing angle of 210 ° each.

4. Xiaomi Mijia Smart Doorlock

Smart lock with the ability to open by code, fingerprint, NFC-chip, or Bluetooth-connection. Of course, there is the usual physical key.

This is the second generation of a smart lock by the Chinese company; the developers claim that they have corrected all the shortcomings and listened to the wishes of users.

5. XiaoWa Smart Vacuum Robot

In the model, the range of household cleaners will appear a simple budget model.

The device has a smaller battery, does not know how to build a map of the premises and clean up a separate area of the apartment.

However, the main thing it does: it removes dust and fine dirt from the floor. An analogy can be considered Roomba base model.

6. Deerma Carrying vacuum cleaner

A small vacuum cleaner is useful to those who do not trust the cleaning robots.

The device is powerful, but at the same time, quite compact. The price is democratic.

7. RoidMi Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Wireless vacuum cleaner model with 2500 mAh capacity battery. Suitable for cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces, car interior, and garage.

It can work without recharging up to an hour at minimum power.

8. Xiaomi Mijia Smart AC conditioner

The second generation of smart air conditioning. Differs in the reduced noise level and the improved system of cleaning of the given air.

9. SmartMi Electric heater

Floor heater with Wi-Fi on board. You can control the device remotely through a small monochrome display.

Power 1600 W, suitable for up to 20 square meters. Immediately get help with the help of Siri.

10. Xiaomi Mijia Smart Fan

This model differs from an already manufactured fan by the absence of a built-in battery.

The novelty works only from the network, but at the same time, it is noticeably cheaper than the older model.

It is controlled from the application, so there are no horrible consoles in the kit.

11. TinyMU Smart Toilet

Why not.

This piece is equipped with its ventilation system, and air purification has a diode illumination and a method for supplying warm water.

The device will replace the existing Xiaomi linings on the market (yes, they were!) Due to a more advanced filling.

12. Yeelight V2/Philips E14/Aqara Smart LED

The company and its cooperating brands have already updated the line of smart bulbs with support for Mi Home.

These work a little more stable and respond to commands faster.

On some trading platforms, there are already new models. The devices may appear HomeKit support out of the box, and then the devices will be cheaper than existing competitors will.

Guest article written by: As a former journalist and a current writer, Melisa Marzett who is working for edit service keeps track on what is going on not only in the world of fashion even though she is crazy about it but also in the world of technologies. Her hobbies are outside activities, among which are swimming, scuba diving and hiking.

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