10 Best Health Gadgets to Improve Your Lifestyle

Getting and staying healthy is a goal for many people, but few know how to make the switch. It can seem overwhelming at first, but making the change will be well worth it. Living a healthy lifestyle can help you fight diseases, prevent anxiety, help you live longer, and improve your overall quality of life. To help you get in the right direction, here are ten of the best health gadgets that can monitor your health stats and allow you to stay on track.

1. Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor is an essential gadget to have around if you are suffering from poor heart health. Luckily, most heart rate monitors are built into smartwatches such as the Apple Watch and make it easier for people to track their heart rate. While using this tool, you can relay the results back to your primary doctor or for personal use if you want to maintain a healthy heart rate.

If you are looking to purchase such an item, but have no idea how to get started, keep in mind that there are plenty of heart rate monitor reviews you can read online, from people who have tested them and analyzed their pros and cons.

2. Blood Pressure Monitor

Using a blood pressure monitor is a great way to help track your blood pressure and heart rate. Many tech companies are now developing apps that allow you to connect your smartwatch to help you keep an eye on your blood pressure, especially if you are diabetic. Currently, Apple has a dedicated health app that enables you to view your heartbeat and determine whether or not you are at risk and need to consult a physician.

However, blood pressure monitors are perfect for older adults who need to get their blood pressure tested at home. Due to white-coat hypertension, or fear of doctors, or those suffering from diabetes, measuring your blood pressure at the luxury of your smartphone is important.

3. Activity Tracker

Investing in an activity tracker is a great way of tracking how far you walk, how many calories you are burning, how well you are sleeping, and how far you have progressed with your fitness goals. These types of trackers are usually built into either mobile apps or a smartwatch, and can even come with an alarm or clock for getting up on time to start your day. However, activity trackers are best for those who need a motivational tool to keep them healthy and active.

4. Blood Glucose Meter

If you’re a diabetic, you’re probably familiar with a blood glucose meter. This health gadget can store your blood glucose levels and keep you updated in case it dips or rises too much. However, those who use it can update their most recent results either before or after a meal. 
New technological advances are even making it possible for those suffering from diabetes to test their blood glucose levels through their smartphone.

5. Pedometer

A pedometer is a great health gadget to buy if you want to start tracking how many steps you take in a day. These tools cost anywhere from a dollar to several hundred, but they all serve the same purpose in monitoring how far you walk each day. This is a smart investment for those aiming to lose weight and need to walk a certain amount of miles per day.

6. Sleep Monitor

Using a sleep monitor can help you manage what time you go to bed, but also how well you sleep. You can either get a tool that you slip under your mattress or purchase an app that can target your sleeping patterns. We personally suggest getting a sleep monitor that you either have to slip under your pillow or mattress since they can offer much more than just sleep tracking, such as heart rate monitoring.

7. Meditation App

Managing stress is incredibly crucial for your overall health. Meditating is a great way to relax and handle anxiety, however it may be hard to get started. A meditation app can help you learn how to meditate correctly and can serve as a daily reminder to practice. If you have a hard time dealing with stress, falling asleep at night, or you suffer from depression or anxiety, a meditation app can do a lot to help you.

8. Food Tracking App

Eating right is a huge part of being healthy and losing weight. However, counting calories and tracking protein levels on your own can be time-consuming and frustrating. This is where a food tracking app comes in. These handy smartphone applications can track how many calories you have taken in, how many you have burned, and how many grams of fat, carbs, sugars, and more you have consumed. They can also monitor how much water you are drinking each day, too. Some fitness tracking apps have a built-in food tracker, but there are also apps dedicated to nutrition only.

9. Smart Scale

Tracking your weight is crucial, especially if your fitness goals include losing weight. With a smart scale, you can not only measure your weight but also export the data to your preferred health application. Some smart scales can also help you track your body fat, bone density, and water percentage.

10. Workout App

You don’t need to head to the gym every time you want to exercise. Instead, try using a workout app on your tablet or smartphone. These apps will create a fitness routine for you to follow, provide instructions for each move, and guide you through the whole workout. Plus, you can find an app suited for any workout you want to do from strength training to yoga.

With these ten gadgets, you will be living a healthier and happier life in no time at all. From heart rate monitors to meditation apps, technology is making it easier to improve your lifestyle and get healthier. Did we miss any of your favorite health gadgets? Let us know in the comments below!

Guest article written by: Bonnie Fargo

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  1. Heart rate monitors are that rare type of fitness gadgets which are bought for actual use and not for being trendy or convenient. Thousands of athletes purchase them because these gadgets truly make workouts more effective for the runners, cyclists, weightlifters and swimmers.

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