5 Benefits of Remote IT Infrastructure Management Services

RIM or remote IT infrastructure management services refer to the management of information technology infrastructure of a business or company from a location other than the organization’s physical location. In this case, most or all of the organizations IT infrastructure such as servers, network devices, workstations, security devices and storage devices are separated geographically by the physical IT experts who perform the actual management.

Some of the essential functions that can be supported remotely include internal help desk, network services, maintenance, servers, and mainframe, administration, and end-user devices.

There are five great advantages of RIM that make it a popular option for large organizations.

#1: Round The Clock Support

IT infrastructure typically breaks down at the most inopportune moments. It is both expensive and impractical to hire IT personnel to monitor and solve problems round the clock. RIM services typically assign a team of experts to each account to ensure round the clock support. This manpower means you can expect any IT issues to be addressed on weekends, holidays and after office hours in addition to regular working hours.

#2: Customized Services

Hiring remote IT infrastructure management services doesn’t necessarily mean handing over the reigns of your IT department to a third-party. You can determine your requirements and only procure the services that you need. There is the option to handover management of servers, maintenance and network services for example, and hire on site staff to cater to the internal help-desk.

#3: Additional Services

Hiring in-house IT infrastructure management technicians typically includes a very narrow job description and responsibilities. RIM companies on the other hand offer additional services that save you money and downtime. Infrastructure analysis for example helps to identify potential problems before they occur and to find areas that need improvement for optimum performance.

#4: Unrivalled Uptime

Most organizations cannot compete with RIM service providers’ equipment, technicians, expertise, management experience and range of services. Most remote IT infrastructure management services also partner with multiple related service providers. These strategic partnership, superior equipment and staff and round the clock support result in unrivalled network redundancy and uptime.

#5: Constant Technological Advancements

It is not practical for the average organization to pay for constant staff training and invest in the newest infrastructure or management systems. RIM service providers however have the funds and resources to stay current with the latest technological advancements in all areas. This means that your organization enjoys newer, superior and more efficient services.

3 Essentials When Choosing an RIM Service Provider

The advantages of remote IT infrastructure management services are undeniable. Choosing the right service provider on the other hand is no easy feat especially if you intend to get the best services possible. There are a few pointers to consider helping you to navigate through the various service providers to find the best one.

Not All RIM Services Are Created Equal

Remote IT infrastructure management services providers come in all sizes. The kind of company you choose entirely depends on the level of commitment you require. Small and mid-sized service providers, for example, are more likely to offer highly customized and personal services because their business models largely depends on retaining clients for life or for the long-haul. Large service providers on the other hand have a surplus of technical knowledge, more money to invest in new technology.

Excellence in RIM Services

In the past, certification in the industry was a bonus. Today, certification is merely standard. You need more than a certified service provider to take on your IT management. Quality assurance is key which can be determined by the company’s business quality models. The Malcolm Baldridge and other recognizable processes are preferred over the obscure.


Lastly, the remote IT infrastructure management services you choose should offer measurable results. Impact analysis, for example, is a great way to determine what is working and what could be improved on. The company should also prioritize on tasks and provide a variety of measurable metrics that you can understand in order to track progress. Because RIM results are intangible or invisible, transparency in the link between RIM expenses and business outcomes is all the more important.

Final Thoughts

RIM services offer unrivalled uptime, customized services, round the clock support and other benefits that you would be hard pressed to get from your in-house team. It is worth noting that the return on investment is directly proportional to the RIM service provider you choose. Follow the prescribed tips when choosing a service provider and enjoy the benefits mentioned here and much more.

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