Why You Should Consider Facebook Ads For Your Mobile App Install Campaigns?

Until the advent of Facebook, the only competent way to reach your target audience was Google Adwords. There is no doubt that Facebook has a better reach and engagement over search engine marketing and this has helped many business holders in improving their business in a significant manner.

The large user base and various ways to approach your target audience have boosted Facebook Ads among app makers to increase their installs on devices. But, there are many app developers who are still not using Facebook Ads to improve their reach. So, here are few reasons that will help you understand the effectiveness of Facebook Ads in improving the app installs.

Power Editor Tool: Power Editor Tool is designed by Facebook for more specific targeting. With this, you can create both, Facebook and Instagram ads. You can not only use the same ads on two platforms, but you can also track which ad is performing better and use it on the other platform. However, you should consider the kind of usage of both the platforms.

Cost Effective: Facebook Ads are comparatively cost effective over other modes of marketing for app installs. As you optimize your advert according to the behavior, interests and other parameters, Facebook improves the rates at which an app install will be made. So, if you have optimized your ads in an effective manner then you will have more app installs at an economical rate.

Different Ways, Same Platform: You have different ways of promoting your app through Facebook, it totally depends on the marketer which mode to prefer. Unlike other platforms, Facebook gives you the flexibility of promoting through Video, Graphical, and text along with different placements, either newsfeed or right corner. This helps in gaining the attention of a user in an effective manner.

You Can Track The Competitors In An Effective Manner: Facebook allows you to search and analyze what strategy your competitors are adopting to promote their app installs and you can strategize accordingly. This is a bit difficult in other modes of marketing and is one of the key reasons why Facebook Ads for app install is gaining so much attention from app developers.

Lookalike Audiences: This is something unique to the platform. Lookalike audience uses machine learning to identify the most potential customers for your business. Through searching in Facebook’s database, the platform provides you with data of people who visit your app link but, did not download it, or have engaged with you in any other way. You can then target such audience again by optimizing your ads, helping you to use the same audience in a better way to approach.

Ads Powered By Artificial Intelligence: In past few years, programmatic ad buying has seen a significant growth. Where Google and Facebook both are working to use AI to help marketers in getting better results, Facebook has already taken a significant lead over Google and will continue to evolve this technology. More automation means less workload for the marketer and better results.

Virtual Reality Ads: Facebook bought Oculus Rift, which is a leader in virtual reality technology. So, with VR ads, you get a different way of approaching your target audience for downloading your app. Most of the users are now using VR for playing games, watching videos and placing ads in the new dimension automatically gives you a new range of audience to approach.

Facebook Uses Buying Decision Influence: If a user has used a similar app, or holds an interest in your niche, then Facebook will help your advert reach such kind of audience, which will give you better results. This is not possible in most of the other marketing platforms for app installs. Referral from users of Facebook helps other users download or buying decisions. So, if people are talking about your app on Facebook, the download results will improve and the advert will be cost effective.

Your Organic Reach Will Help In Improving App Installs: You are not only restricted to Facebook Adverts for app installs. If you have a better reach on Facebook through your page then you probably don’t require to run a Facebook ad to get more downloads. Your organic reach will help you get more downloads by engagement.

Facebook adverts are not only laser focused but, it has better engagement over other sources of marketing and lead generation. The ads are dynamic, and Facebook gives you multiple ways to reach and narrow down your audience to increase your reach. Therefore, Facebook ads for app installs is one of the widely and much-appreciated ways which you should also try if you have not done it yet.

Guest article written by: Ashish Sharma is a Key Account Manager, looking after Marketing Strategies and building new business tie ups at WeDigTech – A Web Design Company Los Angeles. Focused on helping enterprises StartUps from domestic to MNCs.

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