Why there is a need to adopt an Applicant tracking system?

Essentially, the monitoring systems of applicants are mostly used to ease the handling of demands and applications, but ATS allows much more today. Web-based applications for applicants can be incorporated to provide an in-depth experience in a pre-existing job site when gathering and organizing applicants’ information. The ATS will rate the curriculum vitae and the application according to appropriate preparation, expertise, or competencies when applying.

Applicant Tracking System are also helpful in the following stages of the hiring process, in addition to requests for the application and resume parsing; screening, and interviewing. Today’s advanced ATS can interview and video scheduling resources to help recruiters speed up their retirement times and have a better experience for applicants. All these details are stored in one database, which makes collaboration between recruiters and recruitment managers easy.

Robust ATS can also combine simple checks and permits with background inspection suppliers, submit bid letters, and even foretell the future success of an applicant in your enterprise.

Enhance collaboration

ATS provides powerful communication tools such as calendar, speak, mission, notes, e-mail sync, etc. With the weight of several stakeholders, finding high-quality applicants becomes easier.

Schedule your interview

The ATS systems will arrange for applicants to perform interviews easily over the next round of the recruitment process.

A recruiter can do as few activities as possible, such as managing interviews, sending the applicant to the client, sending an email to the applicant, and seeing all candidates coming from outside our visual pipeline tool.
Our Calendar and Project Management tools also aid during the application process.
As you can see, there are several benefits to the Applicant Tracking  System.

Enhance candidates experience

Without the right method, an application process that provides the applicants with a bad experience is shockingly simple. For candidates with a poor experience, around 41% would never apply to open a new position in your business and around 21% would not trust their mates. The method is supported by automatic responses to applicant monitoring applications.

Save time and resources for candidate monitoring systems

Many small, routine tasks are taken by automation and recruiters spend more time on substantive processes.

Boost your recruitment strategy

ATS helps to improve recruitment planning it enables us to provide you the analytics to analyze the activities. To understand how effective and expensive or degrading bottlenecks arise, ATS offers the hiring teams the opportunity to study comprehensive data settings from recruiting activities such as sourcing, reviewing, interview scheduling, etc.

There are so many reasons to adopt an automation tool that can help to streamline your entire recruitment activities in an organized manner.

Guest article written by: Jigna B. Jigna has been working with iSmartRecruit so long. She is highly qualified in generating productive content and marketing the content. She has produced several contents that can make you understand the core problems of hiring professionals and recruiters and providing them with quite satisfying solutions through a recruiting technology called Applicant Tracking System.

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