Tile to Penalize Stalkers using their Tracker with $1 Million Fine as Deterrence

Bluetooth trackers have gained a lot of popularity since the release of the Apple AirTags. However, despite their usefulness in tracking some of the things you have lost or misplaced, they have also gained infamy as a tool being used for stalking.

Tile, an AirTag rival, believes they can deter the use of their tech for such activity by posting a $1 million fine to those proven guilty of stalking who uses Tile as part of their illegal activity.

In March of 2022, Tile provided its clients the ability to make their devices invisible as a sort-of anti-theft option for their tracker. Sadly, this feature can also be used by stalkers to make their ill deed undetectable. It can be said that the manufacturer had meant well when they made the feature. It’s just that there are some individuals who exploit the intended feature oppositely for use in some of their wrongdoings.

Tile was the first company ever to popularize the tracker and has held the forefront in keeping their trackers undetectable from apps that detects unwanted devices that are nearby. The Scan and Secure application from the company allows you to scan if any Tile is following you. The Anti-Theft mode feature, when activated, will render the tile invisible from the scanning application. It is not exactly Tile’s fault if there are such individuals.

As a means to counteract the use of their tech for such activity, the imposed $1 million fine seems like a pretty good deterrence. This will make stalkers think twice before using Tile in such an activity.

As for Apple, its AirTag has unfortunately been also used for criminal activities or stalking people, so the company has already made software updates last year in an effort to crack down on misuse and stalking.

Image: Tom’s Guide