AirTag shows a Man’s Lost Wallet travel across 35 Cities

The AirTag from Apple has definitely been helping a lot of people all over the world find their missing items, most especially lost luggage at airports.

This time, however, a man named John Lewis was in a hurry to catch his next flight and in doing so, he simply forgot his wallet on an American Airlines aircraft. The airline said they were unable to find the wallet, but strangely enough, he saw it fly to 35 different cities thanks to an AirTag he placed inside his wallet.

John Lewis, a vegan fitness enthusiast, shared his story about how he forgot his wallet on the plane. He was trying to catch a connecting flight after a 1-hour delay in his initial flight. Finding lost items in situations involving public transportation like buses and airplanes is not exactly easy, but thankfully Lewis put an AirTag in his wallet.

He then reached out to the company to try and find it for him.

American Airlines claimed they were unable to find the wallet, but on Lewis’ end, he said that it was still on the plane, “I’m able to trace my wallet and it’s still on the plane and it has gone to over 35 cities since Tuesday.”

Finally, the American Airlines team found it – the AirTag was stuffed under a seat, but unfortunately there was no sign of the wallet anywhere. This indicates somebody else found the wallet and removed the AirTag to avoid getting caught.

Lewis then thanked the airline employees for their help, saying his next step is to cancel all his credit cards and get new ones.

Track Lost Items with AirTag

The AirTag has certainly proved to be an indispensable tool for its users. In fact, it has been featured in the news for various situations since its launch in 2021.

While unfortunately it has been used for despicable reasons like stalking (Apple has already made software updates to crack down on misuse and stalking), still many other circumstances put the AirTag in a positive light, like the stories of: an Aussie photographer who recovered $10,000 worth of items stolen from his car, a pet owner who was reunited with her missing dog, and a woman who found her lost luggage at a residential apartment complex.

Image: ZDNET