Apple AirTag helps Lost Dog reunite with its Owner

An Apple AirTag has been credited for reuniting a lost dog with its owner.

It was like any other normal day for Denise Huertas, a resident of Orlando, Florida, when she noticed her Yorkshire Terrier named Rocky was missing an hour after she took out the trash on Thursday, October 20.

After the discovery that her dog managed to sneak away from their home, she said, “I ran and got my phone because they have an AirTag, so when I looked at the location, the location said about 20 minutes away.”

Fortunately, a good Samaritan found Rocky, who did not appear to have a microchip and had no sort of identification on its collar, and surrendered him to a nearby local shelter Orange County Animal Services.

According to staff Bryant Almedia, they quickly noticed that there was an AirTag attached to the little dog’s collar, “This was actually a first for us, we’ve never really seen this level of technology. I’m honestly going to recommend it to as many people as I can, it was an amazing reunion.”

Not long after, Ms. Huertas visited the shelter and happily reunited with her beloved pet.

The animal shelter staff were amazed at the pet owner’s creativity and the clever device, and said they will be encouraging other pet owners to do the same.

While this story had a happy ending, Apple actually has warned that people should not use AirTags to track pets or children. However, this hasn’t deterred some third-party AirTag-compatible pet collars from appearing in the market for sale.