How to Develop a GPS Navigation App like Waze in 2021?

What is GPS?

Today, all have started using their smartphones for buying and selling. The E-commerce market is booming. People use a mobile app to find the best route with few obstructions and less traffic and navigate extensively. GPS (Global Positioning System) is helping all to navigate successfully.

Consumers use GPS and map apps while traveling or while running errands and other activities. More than 78% of smartphones have navigation apps installed on their cell phones.

The two effective navigation apps for iOS and Android in this segment are Google maps and Waze! Waze is popular because of its innovative nature and rapidly growing user base!

What is a Waze app?

Statistics show that, in the year 2019, Waze accounted for more than 115 million users monthly! The company’s annual revenue is estimated at around $ 38.3 million. Google bought and introduced Waze in 2013 and as a strategic move developed it as a separate entity and community-based GPS navigation app. 

Waze is popular among users due to its real-time and crowd-sourced social networking features. The drivers who drive their vehicles for example can alert other users about accidents, hazards, obstacles, traffic congestions, police crackdown, etc.

By using Waze, the users can also listen to their favourite music from apps namely Spotify and various podcasts! 

Waze makes money on location-based advertisements 

There are 7 stages of developing a new navigation app like Waze:

There are standard mobile development processes, which need to be 


  1. Choosing the right technology partner:

The developer needs to finalize a software development company to build the app. Then, follows the research, analysis, and lock the company to develop the app.

  1. Discovery of the product:

The problem solving of the app needs to be identified and the target audience. The platforms need to be identified and the features for the app. The selection of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and forming the monetization models.

  1. UX/UI app design:

How the app will function need to be determined. One needs to create a user Journey map, and then use the UX insights to create wireframes, which are click friendly, visual user interfaces, and motion design like animations and screen transitions.

  1. Setting up the project:

This works as the final preparations before the development team begins to work on the app! The team members’ meeting takes place for defining of team members’ roles and agreement on key roles. The decision is done on what are the next steps and the tools to be used. The project environment is set up and the rest of the processes are finalized, like Dev Ops. 

  1. Quality Assurance for Mobile development process: 

Developers finally get onto build the product, the proper practices like Continuous Integration. The coding process, testing and quality check, etc. Quality assurance is done at every stage of navigation mobile app development by testing manually and automated ones. Some developers follow the scrum framework and the work is divided into short iterations with live demos!

  1. The stage of publication of the app – On Google Play Store & Apple store:

The laws need to follow before releasing the app like uploading assets, creating promotional materials, beta testing, optimizing the product page, store presence, and other important aspects to get app approval. Then, the launch of the app takes place.

  1. Post development scenario – app maintenance & extra features development: 

The quality assurance team starts checking the navigation app, detects the expected crashes, monitor’s the app’s statistics, etc. If need be, they work on further development like adding new features and improving the present ones.


Finally, the GPS app similar to Waze is ready for use and the owner of the app can start high-end advertising to attract users, on major Social media platforms and see that, more and more users respond and download the app. The new GPS app similar to Waze will start getting new users. 

The team now works getting feedback from end-users and also reviews from influencers. Thus, the new GPS-enabled Waze app will ultimately start to function and start garnering revenues!

Guest article written by: Prashant Pujara is the CEO of MultiQoS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a leading website and mobile app Development Company specialized in android and iOS app development. He has more than 10 years’ experience in software development with a strong focus on mobile app development for all kinds of platforms including iOS and Android. Social Profile: LinkedinTwitterInstagramFacebook

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