Customizing Your Ride the Techie Way

We all love our cars! Those machines we use to go around the metro and we will do anything to convert those to eye candies. Lots of customizations are available like upgrading muffler, springs, tires, decals and body kits etc. But have we stopped for a while to put useful techie upgrades? More than beauty is brains, so time to enhance your car’s technology!

There are lots of ways to enhance a car’s functionalities. Let us dive into these different aspects of upgrades for that techie feel!

Entertainment Upgrades

Usually, cars will only have AM FM radio tuners, but not video entertainment equipments. Consider adding LCD screens on your dashboards and/or in front of passenger seats. The screens may be installed with TV receivers or for that high tech feel, consider combining them with DVD or Blue Ray players for watching movies on the go!

Also, have you thought about upgrading the quality of radio station signal reception? Try to have satellite radio receivers! When you travel too far away from a station’s home base, the signal breaks up and fades into static. With satellite radio, signal strength for all radio stations will be guaranteed undisturbed no matter what the distance throughout the globe.

Then to fully utilize your video and radio upgrades, consider upgrading your sound system. Look for those high performance speakers and amplifiers for that heart pouncing sound experience in your car that will surely make others take notice!

For that added ease of music integration, consider installing adaptors to be able to install iPods in your car. The iPod is perhaps the most versatile music player so utilize it install it in your car for the best music player experience.

Navigation and Communication Upgrades

Here are some of the most useful upgrades your car may have. Cars will always have their primary use of getting around the metro, so consider upgrades that will aid in navigation or communication.

For real time help in navigation, the ever popular GPS will always be the best choice. Consider installing a GPS receiver that has great maps to ensure a hassle free travel. Installing internet services inside your car is perhaps the wisest upgrade as it will not only provide entertainment, but it may also serve as communication and navigation support for your car as there are messenger and Google Maps apps available. Blue tooth technology may also serve useful, more so if you have wireless video and audio players for that wireless file transfers. Then for that ease of getting inside your car, why not go for keyless car entry? Install the receiver in your car and simply have the wireless key inside your pocket and approach your car to unlock the doors! No need for those button presses for that hands free unlocking experience.

Future Technologies

The possibilities do not stop here. There will be more technology that will come our way to further enhance our vehicles. One most valuable soon-to-come upgrade is perhaps the collision avoidance system. The system will consist of sensors that are placed within a car to warn any danger that lies ahead on the road. Other information such as near by car speed and distance may be relayed to the driver, and even additional stuff like speed needed to be reduced for going around a curve may be included. All of these combined will ensure maximum precautionary measures for the driver to take for that safety feature.

There are also Google and Apple applications out there to quickly access navigation, voice actions and other features while driving. Android and Apple mobile phones can be used as hands free navigation and infotainment devices. Even Microsoft has developed in car hardware with Windows software to aid in navigation.

The most promising future upgrade is perhaps the automatic driving system, Autonomous drive feature for cars will have the ability to let the driver just sit back and relax while the car detects its surroundings and road conditions for it to roam by itself towards a human chosen destination! Now how is that for an upgrade!

So there! Have enough cash? Tired of those common car upgrades that enhance a car’s body? Try to have any of the mentioned upgrades and you will surely get your money’s worth! Having these useful and unique upgrades will surely make more heads turn. 

Guest article written and submitted by Mike, a TechPatio reader – thanks!

2 thoughts on “Customizing Your Ride the Techie Way”

  1. This car looks awesome, by reading your post it proves how technology affects us in everything, for example the latest gadget we own, like the Iphones, android and many more. but now its all about upgrading our futuristic cars.

  2. Whilst upgrades to cars might look cool – it’s probably one of the fastest ways of de-valuing any used car. Dealers would be very hesitant to offer you any kind of trade in, and private buyers might think that you’re a bit of a racer! It might look nice and give you a better ride – just make sure you can de-customise easily.


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