Top 7 Cyber Security Threats In 2012

Cyber attacks are a major concern at present, and there are many questions hovering around the minds of cyber security experts pertaining to what kind of cyber attacks can be expected and how can we combat them. With a range of sinister cyber attacks hitting Sony to Stuxnet, cyber security experts have come up with a range of cyber threats. Hereís a peek view at some of them.

Threat #1

SSL vulnerabilities will be attacked by hackers, and IT consultants will be working towards increasing the security of web communications. Cloud-based technology is being made more technologically secure and evolved as it is a powerful shield in the antimalware sector. However, considering the previous attacks, cyber experts expect that it will be a battle between the good and the bad.

Threat #2

Smartphones and their Apps being a rage, a new dimension of cyber attacks has cropped up. Security experts have evolved antispyware and antivirus measures in computers, and hence the hackers will move towards the smartphone sphere. A surge in attacks is expected on the Android and iPhone systems in the form of malicious links, spyware, and rogue Apps.

Threat #3

In the past, there have been instances of malware targeting government systems and many federal agencies with virtual websites.

The Stuxnet worm is an example of how such software can penetrate government systems and extract confidential information. In the year 2010, a Stuxnet worm was targeted to disarm an Iranian nuclear facility. This snowballed into a major issue and fingers were pointed at the Israeli government. Recently, a virus called Sykipot Trojan was targeted at smart cards used by US government officials to access high-profile firms. These attacks can only be protected by a strong security system, which will require constant evolution of the existing software.

Threat #4

Security experts claim that attacks this year will be more targeted and cater to a specific group of people. This trend was observed last year too, as unique malware was created to affect only the computers of the targeted people. This might be directed at many people working in an organization or at an individual too. Attacks of such nature are called zero-day attacks, which exploit a certain vulnerable aspect of the software, which is unknown to the user or software developer.

Threat #5

You can see a lot of Apps and programs being developed on cloud technology. Now the onus lies on the IT security experts to come up with new strategies to protect it. Panda Antivirus equips your computer against Web threats and other dangers posed by cloud technology.

Threat #6

Due to many reasons, the general public has failed to maintain security levels in systems. There has been a surge in the growth of malware, viruses and spyware in the recent past owing to the delay in antivirus definitions updates.
Ransomware mainly targets businesses and encrypts or disarms your computer till the victim doesnít cater to the demands of the hacker. The recent ransomware attacks were targeted at British users and posed as a notice sent by the Metropolitan Police. You can avert ransomware attacks by installing the new Panda Antivirus.

Threat #7

If antivirus definitions are not updated, then the system becomes a potential target by hackers. Recently, hackers have come up with rogue apps of all the popular apps that are frequently downloaded and used. Rogue apps function exactly like any clean software, but in turn induce malware to your computer.

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  1. These are really interesting information .. i hope people will get this and keep this in mind while thinking about security …

  2. with the surge in the use or smartphones, security threat from apps will definitely be on the rise. i do hope solutions are being developed before major outbreaks of insecurity start.

  3. There is no doubt that online security and privacy is big concern now a days. And as a normal internet users we SHOULD use best anti-virus which provides complete virus, malware and spyware protection to your system. Plus avoid visiting on any unknown and risky websites.

  4. Some nice points, Individuals generally join social networking to have fun and pleasure. That is why people tends to like spontaneity and games pages.

  5. It’s vital that we stay alert and take the necessary precautions to avoid being a victim of cybercrimes. Anyone who’s using the internet can be a target of hackers these days especially those who’re using social networking sites. These sites are becoming a hackers’ paradise, hence always use a strong password to protect your social network accounts and change it regularly.

  6. thanks for the rundown, I was wondering when phones would really start being an issue for security, what kind of antivirus/ malware would you suggest to install on an android.


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