What is SSL pinning in iOS Applications? How can developers bypass the same?

While deploying a mobile application, developers ensure that the app uses a valid certificate and connects to the server using HTTPS. In spite of these two measures, the software remains vulnerable to threats like a MitM attack.  Thus, software developers take every possible precaution to ensure there are no vulnerabilities. Certificate Pinning happens to be … Read more →

Guidelines for Ecommerce Web Hosting

Over the past few years, ecommerce has experienced exponential growth. With more people now purchasing goods and services from online stores, the volume of sales has increased tremendously. So how do you go about opening an ecommerce store? First and foremost, it is obvious that you need a service or product to offer for sale. … Read more →

Newshosting updates to 1300 days of retention (Usenet provider)

Newshosting, the recognized leader in Usenet newsgroup access, today announced a new record upon reaching 1300 days of retention. This enhancement comes at no additional cost for all Newshosting customers. Yay! As the original “social network,” Usenet enables you to exchange ideas globally using text discussion groups. Newshosting’s 1300 days of retention and daily growth … Read more →

Newshosting Announces Halloween Launch for New Website & Video Series

Newshosting just launched a brand new website. Easier navigation, cleaner content, and a great video tutorial series!  The step-by-step videos take online visitors through the process of setting up a newsreader client to browse, download, and post to newsgroups. With lightning fast speed and unmatched retention, Newshosting provides Usenet access that is truly world class. … Read more →