Reasons To Prefer Making iPhone Apps In 2021

The debate on Android vs. iOS is never-ending. But, there are certain reasons why you should prefer one over the other.

Since the arrival of smartphones in our lives, their usage and their debates are always going on. While some debates are about hardware and camera quality, others pertain towards the convenience of their frameworks and operating systems. One such debate is that of iOS vs. Android. The two leading mobile phone devices around the globe today. While Android is available on many devices, iOS is exclusive to apple properties only. But, is there a reason to prefer iOS over android?

Now, since the beginning of iOS, it has been the preferred mobile phone OS for many. While a huge chunk of its target audience as made moves back and forth to and from Android, the loyal customers of Apple always prefer it over their android counterpart. Therefore, let us figure out why you should prefer to make iPhone apps over Android ones in 2012. So, let us begin.

Outstanding And Trademark Attractive UI

Of all the elements of iOS that make it stand out as a viable operating system, its UI and UX is the leading one. Many of the mobile phone users of the world, including Android users, say that iOS does have an edge over its Android counterpart. Which is why the demand for iOS application is high, despite the android dominating majority of the world’s market today.

Now, why you should prefer it over this alone? Because the better the application look, the higher it would sell. Not only is that a fact, but iOS applications tend to look better than their versions made for Android. That is because of iOS high-res imagery and projection.

Renowned Superior Security

An expert of Android Application Development For Business said that many businesses prefer to make iOS applications because of their superior security. While android has certain unbreakable measures to improve the security of its users, Apple’s signature operating system still takes the cake with its proven security of user’s privacy and personal data. One of the main reasons behind that is the fact that not everyone can simply make an application and put it on the Appstore. While Google has now stricter rules for mobile apps on Playstore as well, iOS is still preferred because of its better security. 

Higher Demand In North America Compared To Android

While this one was a fact about a year ago, at the cusp of 2019 and 2020, Android broke that barrier and took lead in dominating the official North American market. With a market share of more than 51%, Android officially became the most used mobile phone platform in the US and Canada. However, that does not vane the fact that most smartphone users still prefer iOS for its various elements, as mentioned above.

Swift Is One Of The Preferred Development Languages

If you ask mobile app developers about their preferred language for development, many would have different choices. However, if you ask them about an all-round application development language that produces great applications, one of the common answers is Swift. Apple’s signature development programming language has become one of the major reasons why iOS applications perform well and are preferred by a majority of users and developers around the globe.

One of the reasons behind its success is its light nature and ease in coding. While it does not require any less work than Android development languages, it still proves better when achieving major tasks. Which is why it has become one of the major selling points of iOS applications.

Specific Target Audience 

As mentioned before, while the American market is the primary market for iPhones, their usage in various other countries is undeniable as well, mainly UK, Canada and Australia. However, the target audience is another thing and that is why iPhones should be your priority. Because many business owners, major celebrities and personalities use iPhones for its various elements. So, if you wish to target a specific audience, then making an app for iOS can help you do just that.

So, there you have it folks, some of the reasons why you should prefer making iOS applications in 2021.

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  1. Great Information.

    When it comes to opening applications that are stored in the background, iPhone takes the lead in tests. And the iPhone 8, which is already fast, will be even faster. Because of stronger hardware and software integration and management of both sides of the equation, Apple’s iPhone is leading.


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