Why Coding Skills Can Elevate Your Digital Marketing Career


According to the business world, the Indian digital industry has the potential to produce more than 20 lakhs of jobs and with a growth rate of 14% annually.  

Digital marketing involves aspects such as web development, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, project management, affiliate marketing and many more. Digital technology is ever-evolving.

Digital marketers need to keep themselves updated with the latest technology to stay relevant and in demand in the market.Coding has recently gained quite some importance and significance in the technology-driven sector.

In easy language, coding is the skill to talk to the computer. It allows you to give commands and build applications to fulfil your needs.

Coding is involved in each aspect of the internet that a user ever comes across.

Digital marketing is not hardcore coding but rather more on the CRM, Data analysis, SEO and SRM, email marketing and affiliate marketing things.

Coding can be the enhancer in your job. But what exactly should you learn in coding, since the field is quite vast. 

Reasons To Learn Coding as a Digital Marketer

A fast process by removal to coordination between the web development team

Digital marketing revolves around the content posted or uploaded on the internet. The technical team behind the software and the applications needs to coordinate with the digital marketing team to make even the smallest of changes.

The digital market team monitors the SEO of the content and requires the web development team to make changes according to the requirements. 

The basic knowledge of WordPress, HTML, CSS and bits of javascript allows the digital marketers to independently make small changes and do adjustments without a lengthy process and involvement of a different team.

Easy and better communication with the technical team

It is often difficult to communicate when you don’t exactly understand the underlying implementation of technology.

With the basic knowledge of web development, you can easily convey your demands and requirements with the technical team to work upon.

This helps in creating achievable goals and maintains the cohesive nature of the interacting teams. It rules out the possibility of any miscommunications.

The ideas offered by the digital marketing team are not idealistic but rather achievable and practical.

Explore new possibilities

It can help you explore new features and additions that can be done to improve the quality of your content. It empowers you to get your independent ideas tested on the ground.

It puts up more innovative ideas by the team since everyone can understand and work with the technology. It opens up a whole new horizon for the digital platform.

Better career growth and sustainability

It is really important to stay updated and upgrade yourself periodically to stay relevant in the job market. Coding will be your update for the upcoming digital marketing era. You can easily learn the skills required for free through online courses, boot camps or paid courses at a minimal price. They will keep your skillset updated and your digital marketing career can flourish even better.

Coding skills To Learn As A Digital Marketer 

HTML/CSS – Web Development For Beginners

HTML/CSS are the basic building block of today’s web frontend development. Every single page that you see on the internet is built using HTML/CSS.

HTML is used for the browser to identify components and display the content. CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is used to style and make the web pages interactive and beautiful rather than boring old format.

HTML is important for SEO optimization, edit meta description, add title tags and keywords.

CSS allows you to add structure and styling to your document.

With the knowledge of CSS, you can format and edit the landing pages, customize forms and change information on the website quite conveniently.

Javascript- Programming Language

Javascript is the most common programming language used around web development. Javascript can add interactivity and animation to your web-page.

As a digital marketer, you often will come across google tracking codes, embed links and other live components of a website. To handle them efficiently, you need to know the basics of Javascript.

Python- Coding Language

Python has recently gained popularity for its wide applications and its major use in data analysis.

Data analysis is one of the major skills for marketers to analyse usage of products, customer engagement and social media analysis.

Python can be the best tool for your data analysis needs. Python can handle a huge amount of data with ease and help your model data and even make estimations and predictions.

SQL- Structured Query Language

The data that needs processing and modelling firstly is required to be stored securely and be easily accessible on demand. SQL can be the answer to satisfy those needs.

Excel can only hold data up to a few million maybe but SQL databases have a larger data storage and a language to make queries through code.

With the knowledge of SQL, you can create detailed reports and use it along with google analytics to work on your collected data.

There are several benefits you get from having the skills such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and python up your sleeves. 


“Survival of the fittest” is the mantra of the technological industry. Every day something new is coming up and you can’t afford to lose when you can learn those skills with minimal effort. Digital Marketing has now become a hybrid job profile. It requires in-depth knowledge of digital marketing skills along with breadth of coverage of coding skills. It improves your employability chances and helps you stand out as a professional.

Guest article written by: Ankush Singla, who is the Co-founder of Coding Ninjas, built the company three years ago into a  leading Ed-tech platform in India multi-folding its growth and unleashed the magic of technology by  training young aspirants across sectors. His leadership shines through giving new dimensions to tech education in India by creating a state-of-the-art learning management platform to deliver world-class  learning experience for students. A machine learning expert, Ankush has carved a niche for himself in  the Ed-tech sector with an expertise in new-age technology. Prior to Coding Ninjas, he was associated  with global brands such as Facebook and Amazon. Throughout his career, Ankush has focused on  enhancing skills especially to bridge the gap required for a career in technology.

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  1. yeah it really true …the basic knowledge of WordPress, HTML, CSS and bits of javascript allows the digital marketers to independently make small changes and do adjustments.

  2. An SEO without technical and coding skills is incomplete. Majority of the time, server optimization and code optimizations as well as amendments are necessary to achieve full potential of the SEO. I personally consider coding skills essential for this line of work.


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