How technology is changing the way we travel

Unfortunately for many of us over the last few years travel restrictions due to covid have cut down on how often we can travel, but as these restrictions are being lifted more of us are venturing once again.

Today we will look at some of how technology has changed the way we travel and by the end of this article you should have picked up some tips to make travel better through the use of technology.

GPS and Maps

Nearly every one of us now carries a mobile phone that has access to maps and GPS. This can be so helpful when travelling to a new place for the first time. Knowing where you are and where you need to go is as easy as letting your device find your current location and then enter where you need to go.

You can also download city guides which can be used offline. These city guides will still connect to GPS but they won’t use up your data if that’s something you are worried about. If you have an iPhone you can find these city guides on the app store, and on android devices, you can find them on the play store.

If you are concerned about using up your data be sure to download the city guide before embarking on your journey.

Booking transfers and hotels

In the past, you would have had to have gone to a travel agent to book a holiday. However, travel agents are expensive and are limited in the deals they can offer you. Technology has allowed you to access hotels, airport transfers, restaurants and so much more at a click of a button.

Using aggregators such as Airport Transfers UK or Tripadvisor will allow you to get the best deals while travelling so it’s worth downloading apps like this that will save you money.

One word of warning, if you find a hotel that you like but it’s sold out on these apps it’s worth phoning the hotel directly as they still may have rooms available, sometimes hotels don’t list all their available rooms and keep some for walk-ins and over the phone bookings.

Translation apps

Have you ever been to a different country and wanted to ask a question or explain something and you didn’t know how? Then a translation app will help you while you are on your travels.

There are so many apps to choose from and if you can’t choose the one you could always use Google Translate to ask where the nearest bank is or how do you get to a supermarket.

Translation apps make communicating in a foreign country that little bit easier so if you don’t know the language to be sure to download an app before you go that can be used offline.

Packing entertainment

Over the years the amount of items you are allowed to pack in your case has significantly been reduced. Therefore it no longer makes sense to pack a few books when travelling as they take up too much room.

Due to technology you no longer have to think about that as you can use your phone, tablet or e-reader to store hundreds if not thousands of books. The same can also be said when travelling with kids. You don’t have to pack all of their toys, instead, you can load up their iPads with the latest cartoons and games so your children are kept occupied for hours.

If you do have an iPad that has a data connection you will need to make sure that it’s turned off as you don’t want to return home to be hit by a huge data charge.

Technology makes it easier to be organised

Gone are the days where you make lists of items you need to take with you when you travel. Often these lists would get lost and you would need to make a new one anyway. Instead of relying on paper lists, you can use an app to make notes on what you need to take with you and then you can mark them off when you are done.

You can even download apps that can send you reminders leading up to the trip. This is very useful if you often forget things you need to do.


Technology has made our lives so much easier when it comes to travelling, if using an old fashioned map is something you enjoy then great but for someone who gets lost a lot when travelling I can’t thank the inventor of GPS enough.

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