Apple’s to release low-budget iPhone SE Plus 5G (2022)

Every four years, Apple releases a new SE (special edition) iPhone. Recent leaks and speculations, on the other hand, hint at more regular budget iPhone launches, such as in 2024, when Apple is likely to revamp the most inexpensive iPhone to bring it in line with more recent models. If Apple releases such a device, … Read more →

All 5G Phones That Are Coming In 2022

  The craze for the latest phones is real! Do you also crave to get your hands on the latest cellphones in the market? Telecommunication companies keep on introducing new gadgets with better features and classier designs that leave us in awe every time. The current sensation is the market is all about 5G phones! … Read more →

Top 10 ways 5G will impact gaming industry

The pandemic caused hysteria and panic all over the world, which resulted in us being confined to our homes. Everything moved to the digital realm and we were starving for entertainment. Video games came to the rescue; they have been a lifeline for many during these turbulent times. Games have allowed us to stay connected … Read more →

How 5G Is Going To Change the Way You Live

There are lots of new technologies that have changed the way that we live, but nothing is going to cause a shift like 5G. Fifth-generation connectivity is the big topic being discussed by tech experts simply because it’s going to affect the way we travel, play, and work. While debates rage about how and where … Read more →

5G in 2020: New Abilities For Everybody Are Here

The mobile network has been an important part of our day-to-day lives for the longest time now. And the progress it has made since the moment of its creation has been unfolding right in front of the eyes of the current generations. The difference in performance between the earlier version of this technology versus the … Read more →

Move Over 4G, 5G is Here to Stay!

The days of 5G are here. It’s no longer hype but a reality. With the Internet of Things (IoT) 5G connectivity will be here sooner than everyone might think. With FCC authorizing LTE-U devices on 5GHz used only by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices things are going to get really interesting as the technology progresses. 4G, … Read more →