Apple new Flagships will Support 5G, revealed a Patent Application

by Klaus on June 20, 2020

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With a new decade, a new generation also knocked on the world’s door to make the world more connected and faster than ever. 

5G is still in talks for most of the world but those who experienced its power know its capability to make a world a connected place.

Not just smartphones and computers but cars and the household appliances will be connected to one another with the help of 5G. 

But the smartphone companies are an early adopter of the technology as they want to implement 5G in their products so their customers can use the latest generation technology using their smartphones. 

Even though the research on 5G is still going on, some 5g companies now have enough expertise to provide 5G services through a product be it a smartphone, router, or any other product. 

Samsung, Huawei, and other companies have already released their 5G smartphones. But the biggest smartphone company Apple has still to achieve this feat. 

And even though it is 100% likely that the company’s upcoming flagship will support the 5G technology, we did some of our research to find out ourselves.

One of the best ways to find the upcoming product of a company is by analyzing its patent application. So, we analyzed some and found a patent application that glimpses Apple supporting 5G technology in its product. 

A recent patent application published in USPTO revealed the use of millimeter-wave (mmWave) technology, one of 5G enabling technologies.

The application further discusses that the smartphone could communicate using a 5G New Radio (NR) protocol with two carriers comprising frequencies greater than 24GHz. 

Currently, in iPhone 11 Pro Max the biggest frequency is 2600 Mhz provided by C Spire Carrier in the United States. The new frequency is almost 10x bigger than the current one. 

Apple is not the biggest player in 5G but buying Intel 5G modem business will surely help the company to stay in the game. 

Due to the Covid-19, the production of the new Apple phones will start from the next month. The company might release two iPhone 12 pro mode supporting 5G services with its latest A14 chipset.

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Krowd App iPhone June 25, 2020 at 07:56

Hi Klaus … We are waiting for Apple Flagship 5G iPhone. I’m working at Krowd Darden restaurant. Krowd gave us an employee login app. But Krowd App iPhone is not logging in. Please guide me if possible…



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