How 5G Is Going To Change the Way You Live

by Klaus on December 16, 2020

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There are lots of new technologies that have changed the way that we live, but nothing is going to cause a shift like 5G. Fifth-generation connectivity is the big topic being discussed by tech experts simply because it’s going to affect the way we travel, play, and work. While debates rage about how and where to implement 5G, the fact is that in 2021 more people than ever are going to get access to the internet at speeds that would have been unheard of a decade ago. If you think that 5G isn’t going to affect you, here are the key areas where that faster connectivity is going to change the way you live.

Online Gaming

The gaming industry is always one of the first to find a use for new technology and new capabilities. Look at how the gaming sector has embraced VR, long before retailers and realtors started to sit up and take notice. 5G is going to massively improve the online game experience simply because the notion of creaky old servicers trying to keep up with demand is going to be a distant memory. With some of the biggest online game sites and manufacturers already focusing on their online capabilities proving that the game-playing experience relies on connectivity, 5G is going to cause a seismic shift. Games will become faster, more intuitive, and a lot more fun.

Live Streaming

It’s not just the gaming industry that is benefiting from 5G. The likes of Unibet live streaming making the most of the opportunities of 5G means that people will be able to access live sports, for example, when on the go much more easily. This allows people to always keep up to date with sports and TV they love, no matter where they are. 

5G at Work

The business world has gone digital, and that means that big and small brands have to ensure that they have access to the digital speeds that will let them keep up with their competitors. The Internet of Things (IoT) has been hovering on the tech horizon for a few years now, but it has been held back by limited connectivity options. 5G is going to lead to the IoT becoming the new normal, and everything from digital marketing to logistics will be able to work faster, harder, and more productively by streamlining the links between technologies and resources. If 5G gives businesses access to faster information and collaboration, job roles of all kinds are going to be transformed.

Self-Driving Vehicles

The technology isn’t quite ready for a 100% rollout, but driverless cars are getting closer than you might think. 5G is only going to make those self-driving vehicles closer to becoming a reality, and that’s going to change the world as much as the invention of the car itself. There’s personal use, where you can commute to work while having a quick nap or drive to a vacation destination while relaxing with your traveling companion. Then there’s the huge shift in businesses that rely on delivering products across the country. Truck drivers may become a thing of the past if 5G continues to allow automotive brands to push self-driving vehicles to become a reality that will cause huge social and economic change.

There is expected to be delivery of up to 75% global coverage of 5G by the end of 2021, with the US and Europe expecting up to 60% of smartphones to be 5G capable in the same period. There’s been a lot of hype for 5G, but this is the year that hype comes to life. This is a technology that offers substantial changes to the way that we live and promises to be the next step in connecting us all closer together than ever.

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