6 Incredible Benefits of Switching to Unified Communication systems

by Guest Author on December 16, 2020

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Communication is the most vital and indispensable activity of any business organization. Communication can occur in any form in a business organization like text messages, file sharing, audio, video calls, conferencing, etc. 

Therefore, with the rise in demand for better Communication, technology evolved a unified communication system to make communications more efficient and comfortable. 

Unified Communication – Definition

Unified Communication (UC) is the technique of combining or integrating various communication forms under one platform. This technology simplifies the communication system of an organization. 

The reason to use such innovation is more useful now than it was before. Presently, most specialized gadgets and conventions are IP (Internet Protocol) or SIP (Session Initiated Protocol). All things considered, so now correspondence improved, your voice calls would now be able to be sent over as IP Packets. (Truly, you can Google it!). It expanded the nature of voice and video interchanges.

Importance of Unified Communication for your Business

Communication is essential for any business, and it should be given particular focus. The inappropriate communication system can place a business in a great crisis. Everyone in an association should have the option to convey and share data without any problem. 

It should be quick, clear, and precise, so representatives will have the option to work together better to ensure upgraded profitability. Additionally, a UC framework gives the most significant level of security from such penetrates.


An integrated communication solution allows a constant increase in gradation needed to match the requirements of your business.

You can easily add new features to the system according to your request and stay updated.


Information security that is being exchanged is one of the main concerns of any organization.

UC comes with strict steps in place to monitor various networks for potential threats and violations.

It encrypts the information that is forwarded through the network, ensuring the same security.

Improved Productivity

A unified communication system benefits employee by empowering them to work effectively from their office or remote location. It is a crucial driver for personal productivity on our mobile and remote workforce now operating. For most employees, the table is just one of the many locations where the work is finished, and UC is built where the end-user is, rather than where the cellphone table is.


No one has time to waste the unreliable system or one of their communication tools crashes and brings everything to the grinding stop.

The right system will ensure that if one platform fails, another tool will take it to avoid latency. More importantly, the right system will ensure that phone calls with customers and other team members do not drop in the middle of the conversation.

Reduced Cost

While ROI can be an essential factor in evaluating other business technology’s benefits, it is not the right measurement for UC because it can be more challenging to quantify. The cost-saving comes by using the unified communications systems that offer various benefits to the business organization. With VOIP phone services you can always stay in budget and enjoy the benefit of unified business communication. 

Installing the UC solution that you pay for one platform will provide a broad range of services and all the benefits needed.

Stay Connected 

It means you can install the mobile application on your sales team phone, and they can receive and make calls as they do from the end of their Communication (if they sit in the office). Another additional feature is distributing information on the existence, sharing the screen, instant messaging, and video calls (now the sales team cannot escape, they must receive your call).

Other essential Features Of Unified Communication systems are

  • Call Transfer
  • Call Recording
  • Call History
  • 3- Way Communication
  • File Sharing
  • Instant Messaging
  • Audio and Video Calls, etc.

Integrated communication solutions will help you attract communication barriers at work, whether employees are at close range or not. The UC system solves communication problems and provides scope for all types of innovation and gradation increases.

Unified communications help make your business communication more efficient and versatile, thus increasing the team’s level of collaboration and productivity.

Guest article written by: Amy is a zealous writer at Ideacom, NC- PBX Phone system provider and with her passion to read and write about Technology and telecom and its implementation in our modern world. Her inquisitiveness towards learning about how technology has evolved and changed its perception in the society is commendable. With such curiosity embedded in herself, she researches extensively before writing a blog to deliver a credible and detailed content piece. 

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