6 Green Business Ideas for 2021

People are finally starting to realize what kind of impact they have on the environment. That is best seen in the way they’re approaching their daily life. For instance, more and more people have stopped using plastic straws or they’re learning how to create their own compost. People are also getting more eco-friendly in the business world. Today, green businesses are finally getting the attention they deserve. If you’re not familiar with the term green business, buckle your seat and dive into the amazing world of eco-friendly business ideas. 

What is a green business? 

A green industry business is the one that uses sustainable materials in order to make its products. The goal of this industry is to use as little water and energy as possible. The same goes for raw materials as well. This way, these businesses are cutting on carbon emissions. 

Another goal of the industry is to find various ways to utilize the already mentioned materials in renewable and eco-friendly ways. That all helps these businesses minimize their strain on natural resources. It also helps with the whole situation with climate change. 

Environmental publications

One of the first green business things you can do is write environmental publications. If you have a way with words and you’re looking for a way to use it for the greater good, why not start this kind of a business? Every single one of us has the power to change the world for the better and that is exactly what you may do if you start such a business. 

If you feel like you have a lot of knowledge about the environment and its issues, this could be a great way to share it with a wide audience. You can debunk some myths and help people understand what going green actually means. 

Eco-friendly beauty salon

An eco-friendly beauty salon is another amazing idea if you want to start your own green business. Anyone interested in cosmetology and ecology has the possibility to start a business that is the perfect mix of the two. 

In a beauty business full of organic and vegan hair products or makeup, you can find a lot of joy. Make sure to purchase all-natural shampoos and conditioners as well as vegan polishes and spa treatments. Once you gather everything you need, you’ll make your customers and the planet a lot prettier. 

Farmers market vendor

Do you have your own garden where you’re able to grow healthy and natural vegetables or fruits? If that’s the case, why not make the whole thing larger and start selling your pesticide-free products at a local farmers market. 

Naturally grown vegetables and fruits are a bit hard to find these days when we are surrounded by GMO foods. Once people realize what kind of quality you’re offering, you’ll need to produce more and more. With a useful hydroponic system, that won’t be a problem and you’ll sell lots of healthy veggies and fruits!

Organic catering

Organic catering is another way for you to start a green business. If food is your biggest passion, there is a way for you to develop your own business and help save the planet. You can cater to local events with all sorts of healthy foods. 

For instance, you could use locally grown ingredients and use free-range meats. You can also include different healthy options such as vegan food, vegetarian food, gluten-free food, and many other meals as well. 

Second-hand store

Opening a second-hand store is just one more way to start a green business. You may have noticed that items of clothing are getting more and more expensive. If you want to save the planet and provide customers with more affordable clothing, this is the kind of business for you. 

Not only clothing, but you can also open a second-hand store for books and any other item you may find inspiring. You can sell kitchen appliances, coats, and anything similar. Instead of throwing it away, people could donate things to you and you may make a lot of people happier. 

Eco-friendly cleaning

One of the things that contribute to pollution is the frequent usage of cleaning products that contain chemicals. If you want to change this, you can start an eco-friendly cleaning business. This way, you’ll prevent any harm done to people or pets that could possibly come in contact with these chemicals. 

Instead of making that happen, you can use non-toxic products and avoid harming anyone. Another great idea is to use only brands that have minimized their use of single-use plastics. Besides that, you can always get more creative and include some other eco-friendly ideas as well. 


Being eco-friendly doesn’t require too much work. On the contrary, all of the things that make your business eco-friendly are simple and easy to implement. The best thing is that they are pretty important for environmental issues and you could do a lot for the environment by simply following them properly. 

Guest article written by: Stella Ryne

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