Technologies We’re Looking Forward to in 2022

As we are moving towards the new year 2022, technology is also changing around us. In this blog, we’re going to discuss some of the updates you gonna see in the tech world in 2022. 

  • What are the big tech giants planning?
  • What new technology are we going to see in 2022?
  • What’s going to change in 2022?

That’s all we are going to discuss here so keep reading.

Here are the Technologies we’re Looking Forward to in 2022


I hope you’re all familiar with the technology or at least heard of it. You should know that Blockchain is going to change a lot of things around us and already did some. Blockchain plays a major role in cryptocurrency and NFT development. Blockchain is also the technology that brings evolution to Web 3.0. If you don’t know anything about it then, there’s a well-written blog by “Investopedia” where they have described it in detail, so read that out. 


After the “BIG” announcement by Mark Zukerberg, CEO of Meta (changed from Facebook) that they are going into the Metaverse and working accordingly. The word itself become 2021’s biggest hype and after that many companies developed their Metaverse or joined the Metaverse. So the companies who are building Metaverse are Microsoft, Facebook (of course), Nvidia, Unity Software Inc, Snap Inc, Roblox Corporation, Tencent Holdings Ltd, Epic Games, and last but not least, Amazon. Metaverse is huge, and it’s real, so sit tight to enter into a new world. 


Artificial Intelligence or machine intelligence is with us for a long time now. Today in the tech industry, AI is everywhere, but in 2022 it will grow stronger. Many new industries are looking forward to AI in making machinery more efficient and smart. AI plays a vital role in Blockchain Technology and Metaverse, so we are going to see more changes in AI in the coming time. 

With help of AI and Blockchain Technology, we will witness new and transformed versions of the recent applications, called decentralized platforms.


In many countries 5G is available but, in many, it’s not. So we can expect that by 2022 more countries will join the 5G network, and we could use 5G seamlessly. But, because of the pandemic situation, the plan for connecting the world in the 5G network is still in question. But we hope in 2022 we could achieve it and enjoy a 5G speed network. 

Sum It Up

The Tech world is moving faster, and there are opportunities for us to join the change and work accordingly. After the implementation of the above mentioned technologies, we witness major transformations in the Financial and Gaming sector. We are moving towards DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and GameFi (Combination of Game and DeFi). It will change the world as some say. 

This new year will bring more surprises and more evolutions around us. Are you ready for these transformations? Do share your thoughts in the comment. 

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