How To Get Yourself Some Crypto By Using Pay To Earn Games.

If you are a gamer then you will be familiar with the notion that you can sell your in game assets that you have earned by playing games, to other gamers that don’t want to make the same effort as you have. It is possible to sell the game assets that you have built up over time on certain platforms that allow you to earn crypto. Obviously playing games in a virtual reality is something that we all enjoy but now you can turn that space into reality and you can earn as you play. The purpose of play to earn is to allow gamers to actually own assets within the game and you can further increase their value by taking part in what is known as the in game economy and so you create value for both yourself and the developers of the game.

This allows people to use the reward system of play to earn to sell their assets like tools and weapons in order to get some kind of financial reward like crypto currency. If you are a little bit in the dark about play to earn and how it works then it is quite straightforward because what you’re doing is buying and selling in-game known fungible tokens that other players are interested in. Those players that do really well in a particular game are then rewarded with crypto assets that they can use to buy a lot more in-game content or they can also exchange them for other digital currencies. There is quite a lot to learn and so the following is some information to help you better understand.

Buying & selling NFTs – The purpose of play to earn is to create, buy and sell assets within any game like certain specialized weapons, power up options and other add-ons. The wonderful thing is that players can sell their NFT in the general market place and they can enjoy the spoils from that. It actually creates a separate marketplace where collectors and players can congregate together and make purchases.

Earn rewards & crypto – There are many free to play games that you can actually earn crypto currency from and these games are open to anyone. It is important to remember though that not all NFT based games use a play to earn system and many are simply designed for you just to have fun.

Full ownership – When you take part in play to earn games, then you as a player can have full ownership of your in game NFT assets that you have earned. The purpose of these assets is to allow you to create new creatures for example, move up a level, and they also allow you to gain an advantage in any combat scenarios. You can easily trade your NFTs on various marketplaces and the more unique and special your character is, then the more profit that you can earn.

The beauty of playing to earn games is that you are creating a very open economy that allows players who will bring value to the game to be rewarded financially through crypto currencies. These games are growing in popularity and now you can actually trade your tokens on various exchanges like Binance.

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