Top 8 eCommerce Mobile App Builders

It’s never been so easy to buy something new – all it takes is one click on a smartphone! Businesses of all sizes are launching mobile apps to become competitive in their sector because just having a good-looking site isn’t enough to find clients. According to surveys, despite mobile sites, 78% of clients prefer shopping through mobile apps. Statista informs us that mobile retail commerce revenue via smartphones will surpass $418.9 billion in 2024, up from $221.2 billion in 2021. 

If you are considering creating a mobile app for your business, there are two roads you can take: have your app built by a team of professional developers or create one yourself using low-code and no-code app builders. Let’s take a look at the best eCommerce app builders you should check out in 2022.

Three reasons why mobile apps boost your sales: 

  • Conversion rates are higher from apps than from websites. According to Buildfire, mobile apps convert at a 130% higher rate than mobile websites. 
  • It increases brand visibility. Americans spend an average of 5.4 hours a day on their phones. eCommerce platforms are crucial for meeting customers where they are. 
  • It is a good solution for a prototype. Prototypes are helpful if you want to see your future mobile app template, edit it, and ultimately publish. 

The eight best eCommerce app builders you need to consider

  1. Bizness Apps 

Bizness Apps is a cross-platform drag-and-drop mobile eCommerce app builder for small businesses. It offers iOS, Android, and HTML 5 apps. The client has ready-made templates with fonts and icons at your disposal and business analytic tools for measuring user behavior metrics and encouraging purchases. You can import necessary information from your CMS if needed. 

Note: if you work in a midsize business, you need more professional tools for managing business analytics. This eCommerce app builder is more suitable for small companies or startups. 

Some Bizness Apps features can be integrated with third-party apps. It has high-quality support and a help desk. Also, this mobile eCommerce app builder provides the Android APK file for Playstore. 

Price: $300 per month for the basic package with limited support.

  1. AppsGeyser 

AppGeyser is an eCommerce mobile app builder designed to create Android-only applications. It allows you to convert any web content into an Android app in two steps. This no-coding tool can pull content from sources such as YouTube channels, RSS feeds, or webpages. 

AppGeyser’s eCommerce app builder provides over 35 free online templates for web services, media tools, and games. The interface is user-friendly and convenient even for non-experts, and it offers a wide range of tips for further customization. 

Users do not need programming skills, and a small business can choose a suitable option from several ready-made templates. Appsgeyser is essentially free; the basic functionality and features are included in the free plan.

Price: free, although the premium master account is $10 per month.

  1. is an eCommerce app builder for creating mobile apps and web apps. It supports the Ionic 5 framework, so you can deploy a mobile app across several platforms and devices. You don’t need any special technical skills to launch your eCommerce platform. It is easy to use thanks to an understandable interface and a wide range of explanatory videos. 

The app builder provides a variety of templates for specific types of apps, including checklists, duties, meditation and sleep, online store, and quizz apps. It also has an eCommerce app template customized for Shopify. You can sync the catalogue of your website with a mobile app just by logging in your Shopify account. 

To keep in touch with your customers, has an easy-to-use push notification feature.

  Price: starts from $25 per month

  1. BuildFire

BuildFire is a mobile eCommerce app-builder that allows you to create Android and iOS apps. You don’t need any coding skills – just drag-and-drop your way through building an app from scratch or customize one of the pre-built templates. Clients can export apps to platforms such as HTML5, the App Store, or Google Play. 

The BuildFire eCommerce mobile app builder platform allows developers to integrate their applications with Shopify and create customizable product catalogs to sell products. It also has the option of sending push notifications to target audiences. BuildFire fire offers a white label feature to sell your apps to customers.

Price: starts from $159 per month 

  1. Builderfly 

Builderfly is an eCommerce app builder platform where users can build a fully customizable online store and AI-driven mobile app. It doesn’t require technical skills. Builderfly has a fully-packed design editing tool with many footers, banners, icons, and set templates. 

The platform provides a two-step registration procedure that allows customers to sell on different online markets. 

 Price: starts at $35 per month 

  1. Appy Pie

One of the most popular no-code eCommerce mobile app builders, Appy Pie is useful for medium-sized businesses and startups. It allows in-app purchases, ads, ebooks, and instant messaging. While the interface is drag and drop and extremely easy to use, the templates are standardized, so they lack a bit of customizability. Still, it’s enough to build some essential apps with necessary functions. It works both for Android and iOS. 

Price: starts from $16 per month for a basic plan  

  1. AppInstitute 

App Institute is one of the best mobile eCommerce mobile app builders in the UK. It suits small and medium-size businesses. Coding and technical skills aren’t required. It’s available for publishing on Android and iOS. 

App Institute lets you create a mobile app in four steps. First, you pick a template, then brand it, edit content, and publish. It has more than 20 templates for different types of business.

Its key features include a drag and drop editor, template collection, booking, geo listings, a loyalty program, and push notifications. 

Price: starts from $59 a month

  1. GoodBarber 

GoodBarber is a mobile eCommerce app builder that offers two types of apps: classic and shopping. 

At the start, several customizable design templates with interesting icons are offered. You get immediate visual feedback every time you configure any parameters in your application. 

Good Barber is sales-oriented thanks to push notifications. Your readers can also send content (photos, videos, sounds) and become your co-authors. 

Price: starts at $25 per month. 


With the boom of mobile commerce, the number of mobile app builders is growing rapidly. The sheer number makes it confusing to choose the right one. We hope this list of the best mobile app builders helps you make your decision.

Guest article written by: Katsia Radziuk is a Content Writer at Exadel. Content creation, storytelling, narrative design and startup development are among her interests.

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