5 Best Practices for Push Notifications in 2021

Push notifications are a great marketing tool for businesses to interact and engage with their customers. If used correctly, these messages may really be an effective way to reach visitors in real time and retain them over longer periods.

Here we share a few best practices on how to make push notifications valuable for your users.

1. Customize your push notifications

Push notifications are more effective when they are customized to user needs, interests, and behavioral data. SmartPush allows you to customize your push notifications with various advanced options. When creating a push notification campaign, you may support your notifications with custom templates and tags, interactive images, and icons to best meet your business style.

Moreover, you may also take advantage of the custom subscription parameters feature, allowing you to get any additional data about your subscribers, send highly-targeted messages based on the personal information you have about them and segment your audiences in a more personalized way.

2. Optimize your messages by user time zone

To make sure your messages are delivered at the most convenient time for all of your subscribers, it’s important to get the timing right. If your subscribers are located in different time zones, you’ll need to optimize your push notifications by each subscriber’s local time. SmartPush’s automatic time zone scheduling feature may be used to simplify this process for you so that your push campaigns are adapted to a specific time in different time zones.

3. Schedule your campaigns in advance

Sending push notifications at the best time for your users can make a huge difference to the success of your campaign. With the SmartPush automation tool, you can automate your push notification campaigns and schedule them to be sent at a later time, including campaign schedule, TTL, time zone, and hour range. Automation will also help you save time and reach even more engagement as you may create your campaign according to particular tags and target your messages to specific segments.

4. Track the performance of your campaigns

Measuring the performance of your push notifications can be very helpful to optimize your push campaign strategy for better results. SmartPush’s real-time dashboard provides a quick overview of the most important insights about your campaigns. You can view detailed reports on conversions, revenue, CTR, CR, EPC, segments, actions and use these analytics to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns over time.

5. Deliver valuable content

If you want your users to engage with your content, make sure to deliver push notifications that are relevant and useful. The key is to customize message content according to user interests so that it creates a positive emotional experience. Relevant push notifications always drive higher engagement and receive better CRT.

Keep your texts clear and easy to understand, include a call to action to inspire your visitors to click on your push notification and complete the desired conversion. Keep in mind that call to action buttons may increase CTR by 40-60%.

6. Use advanced segmentation

Making use of custom segments allows you to target more specific groups of people. Segmenting your audience according to various criteria helps you gain valuable insights about them and create more personalized campaigns. SmartPush’s advanced segmentation is a great feature to help you organize your audiences according to 20 segments and use these data for more personalized and precise targeting.

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