How to Build a Web App That Scales?

It’s difficult to predict how popular a web app will be these days when it’s introduced. Who could have imagined how popular Twitter would go on to become when it was introduced way back in 2006? So if you are building a web app and don’t know how much data your servers will have to handle, it’s always better to think big and build for the future.

Scale Now for the Future

When you’re building your web app, it’s best that you do your research and jot down a rough estimate of how many people you think will be using your app over the coming months. It’s important that you be as realistic as possible (after all, not every app will be as popular as Twitter!). You should bear in mind the amount of data your web app can handle, the kind of data your users will be able to store on your server(s) and the number of servers you will need to handle this data. You should have a system in place to switch servers that become full with empty servers.

Building an app is just like building a business; you need to have a rough growth strategy in place to help you expand. Over-expanding your infrastructure (in this case your servers and other accoutrements) will only increase your investment and won’t give you equal returns.

Data is everything

There is a whole host of technologies through which you can handle data today. Finding the perfect technology for your app can make for some confusing (and often expensive) business! The key is not to be overwhelmed by the amount of data your app will be handling. You need to monitor your users and understand how they prefer to access their data. You can utilize this valuable feedback to select and later install a data handling technology that is optimal for your application. I actually used a similar technology for one of my sites sharing different coupons such as psprint promo code, diamonds USA promo code etc. Though it is not an application, but a site, still it required me to do a lot data handling.

Don’t Overcomplicate Matters

Technology keeps changing, and you will find many products that promise you “unmatched scalability” at minimum costs. But it’s best that you use technology you are comfortable with. It makes no sense to buy a promising new technology that you know next to nothing about. Because you are planning to build a web application that scales, it will be easier if you use simple technology that you can handle and later make additions to on your own, without the need for having to pay experts to do it for you.

Also, sometimes these new technologies do not have all the features that you would consider necessary. They may lack data redundancy, failover or replication features, which can result in significant downtimes and hurt your app (and thereby your business).

If you need software to help you build your application, then you will find that software discount coupons will save you a significant chunk of money! All in all, practical thinking and having a strategy in place for tomorrow will be immeasurably gainful for you and your web app.

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  1. These are great tips to create your own web app. I never tried using this before , but know you have given me a good idea which I can follow, for me to experience how to developed my own web app.

  2. The best web apps really focus in on solving a single problem and get really good at doing that…then when they get traction, they can branch out of other products and solutions. Web apps fail when they try to do too much (just our 2 cents).

  3. This is a good overview of building a web application. However, i think it would better if there’s a follow up post with regard to this topic. It would be nice to share the step by step procedure on how to create it.

  4. Great estimation is needed for a new internet app to be successful. We must think ahead on what the future internet users would like use.


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