Top considerations when selecting a colocation provider

In today’s digital age, businesses rely heavily on technology to operate and stay competitive. One of the most critical aspects of a company’s technology infrastructure is its data center. While some businesses maintain an on-premises data center, others opt for colocation services. Colocation is a practice where a business rents space and resources from a … Read more →

How the pandemic is powering a shift in data centre investments in India

Widespread lockdowns, WFH and a general physical divide have shifted several daily processes, especially within a professional sphere to digital. This has eventually resulted a massive phygital growth, stimulating a rise in the demand for digital infrastructure, including storage facilities like colocation centres and other data centres. Data centres are one of the top-performing asset … Read more →

The Reason You Need Seismic Racks In Your Data Centers

If you are setting up a data center in a seismic active area, you will need various key components. This article explains why seismic racks are of key importance for your setup.  If you are planning to construct a data center, you must consider the impact a natural disaster could have on your operations. This … Read more →

Is Dehumidifier required in Data Centres?

It is logical to install dehumidifiers in data centers to avoid damages caused to cables and computers due to the growth of molds and dampness. Accumulations of humid air to high levels are likely to result into static shock and short-circuiting of electrical appliances. Besides, electronics can also rust and wear out thereby resulting in … Read more →

How Google protects your data in the cloud [video]

Not long ago, Amazon’s cloud computing had a breakdown over several days and Sony lost millions of customer details to hackers and had to shut down their Playstation Network for about a month while they patched things up, as you probably already know. While this video by Google is produced before the Amazon and Sony … Read more →

Ever Felt Like Smashing Your Company Servers? This Is The Next Best Thing!

For all of us that work for large companies, I think it’s a forbidden fantasy that we’ve all had: Walking into the server room, and knocking over all the servers just to see what would happen. That was certainly the case last month, when a man walked into the server room of a home loans … Read more →

Facebook Doubles Size of Data Center in Oregon

Facebook first told us about their plans for building a data center in Oregon back in January this year, a data center more than 13,000 square meters big. They have now decided to add another 14,000 square meters to it, according to IDG News Service. First part of the construction is scheduled to be finished … Read more →