What are the best ways to communicate downtime?

Every website experiences downtime from time to time, that is absolutely ok. What is important, however, is how downtime is communicated with users, customers, and overall people that matter to the company. In today’s world where users can quickly switch between different services, it is a key to success to provide the best user experience … Read more →

Review: Monitis – All-in-one server monitoring from the cloud

Monitoring your website is not only for big corporate sites – with the prices of today, everybody can do it and it’s especially important if you’re somewhat dependent on your website, or blog, to be online as much as possible. There’s no way you yourself will be able to monitor your site 24/7, that’s why … Read more →

Ever Felt Like Smashing Your Company Servers? This Is The Next Best Thing!

For all of us that work for large companies, I think it’s a forbidden fantasy that we’ve all had: Walking into the server room, and knocking over all the servers just to see what would happen. That was certainly the case last month, when a man walked into the server room of a home loans … Read more →