Facebook To Build Their Own Data Center In Oregon

Artist's rendering of planned Prineville, Ore., data center.

Being one of the biggest websites in the world, with 350 million users, usually requires a thing or two when it comes to the servers hosting such a site. While I’m sure Facebook does not have 350 million active users, I’m sure they have many users to serve each day.

In April 2009, when the site claimed to have 200 million users, 40 million pictures were uploaded to Facebook each day. Pictures that would have to be resized and saved in several different sizes. Imagine how much data that is to process…

Facebook just announced they intend to build their own data center in Oregon, US. Amazon and Google also have data centers in Oregon. The location has been picked because of the cool climate and because of tax savings.

The new data center will of course be built so that it’s as energy efficient as possible, to spare the environment but also to save money in the long run. For 60-70% of the year, cold air from the outside will be used to cool the servers while vaporizing of water will be used for the remaining part of the year.

Servers produce heat and the heat from Facebook’s servers will be used to heat the rest of the building, including offices.

3 thoughts on “Facebook To Build Their Own Data Center In Oregon”

  1. They do have a lot of servers so building their own data center is probably saving them a lot of money. Greg Ellison
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  2. Wow Face book got so popular, they need to build their own data center in Oregon.
    That’s pretty a amazing for a social site to get this big. They are coming pretty close to google.

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