Why Cloud Computing Is Safer Than Anything Else: Welcome Windows 8

Windows 8 is a huge change in the way we will use our computers compared to the past. We were introduced to personal computing by Windows many years ago. The idea was that we would use our computer and application, and we would save our information on our computers. The internet meant we could now send information to each other.

This has all changed in many ways, and the new operating system is going to take that trend to the next level. Here is a look at why cloud computing is actually safer, and how the Windows 8 install is going to help that.

  • Mobile Computing. The new Windows 8 upgrade was actually released only a few days ago. It was released as an operating system for tablets. Mobile computing is popular because the devices are light and we can use them anywhere. No one can afford to be stuck behind his or her desk anymore, and even desktops are rarely used by the normal personal computing user.
  • Multi Device. Tablets were the first real step towards mobile computing, and we started to use a tablet with our other devices. We would make a presentation on our laptop in the office, and we would demonstrate it with out tablet to clients. We used several devices, and we used them together. There are still many people who have smartphones and they don’t really use them together with their laptops. The new Windows 8 operating system is the same operating system for all devices This means all applications and all files will be the same on all devices.
  • Applications. HTML5 is the language of the internet. It is the computing language that your browser uses when you access your internet banking, for example. You feel safe doing that right? If all of your applications come from an application store, like they will do with Windows 8, just check out the Windows 8 forums discussions, and you will see the benefits, you will see that these applications have gone through screening processes. Many new applications will be based on HTML5, and they will work directly on your Windows 8 operating system. This means those applications will work on all devices, they have been screened, and they will work like internet applications without using a browser.
  • Viruses and Malware. Viruses and malware are what cause the dangers of our online computing experience. By eliminating them from our applications, and allowing us to use screened applications from an application store, we are already safer.
  • File Free. Our devices will not need to store our files, because we will keep them stored online. We will want to access those files from any device we are using at the time. This is what Windows 8 is all about. This means if you lose a laptop, smartphone or tablet, you do not lose your files. Your information is safe.

Cloud computing is much safer than what we have been used to. Actually we are already using it. Now with the new Windows 8 operating system, all our applications will be screened and we will not need to store on our own devices. Cloud computing is the safest way forward, and Windows 8 is about to help us in a very big way.

This guest article was written by one of the many external guest authors at TechPatio.com.

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  1. Interesting. Cloud computing has the same concept of Apple’s iCloud app. It stores all information online. However, i’m worried that in cases that the server will go down, how do we access our files. Also, i’m wondering if we can download all our data to have a back up.

  2. Is this a new Software of windows 8.?Does it applicable for me to use because I use windows 7 ultimate do they have the same applications.?

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  4. According to my knowledge Windows Server 8 is the first server version which enclosed in between developers of Windows and Windows Azure team. For your information, you will find a lot of concepts and elements of Azure in Windows Server 8. Actually, the goals of Windows 8 is to create, deploy, administer private cloud, and cloud to the hybrid on Azure platform.

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  7. It was about time for Microsoft to step up. Windows 8 will be very popular for its features, I can’t wait to try it out


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