What Does the New Facebook Interface Mean for Google+?

As a Facebook user, you’ve probably noticed by now that Facebook has launched a new newsfeed interface as of last week. For many Facebook users, this came as a shock and even an unwelcome interruption.

The new Facebook newsfeed interface shows top stories that you may find interesting and also has a side bar newsfeed that updates your friends’ activities in real time. The purpose of the new newsfeed is to help you keep tabs on important friends, no matter how often you log in to Facebook. The interface has changed from the traditional newsfeed to a predictive newsfeed, showing top stories that may be the most important to you.

Many users don’t appreciate the fact that what you see on Facebook will depend on how often you visit. In the old Facebook interface, you would see Top News and Most Recent news in your newsfeed. But now, Facebook has combined two of those features into one newsfeed. What you see in your newsfeed will depend on how often you log in and interact on Facebook.

If you don’t log in very often, you will probably see top stories from the last time that you logged in the next time that you use Facebook. If you log in to Facebook often, you will see the most recently posted stories first of all.

More than a few Facebook users were unhappy with these recent newsfeed changes. Especially since other tech websites predict that these changes are only the beginning in the Facebook overhaul.

If you’ve logged into Facebook lately, you may have noticed that quite a few users have been threatening to quit Facebook altogether and move on to the competitor Google+. This could be the opportunity that Google+ has been waiting for to take the lead over their biggest social media competition.

But not so fast… Even though users are complaining, Facebook has grown to over 750 million users in June 2011. Facebook is expected to earn over $4 billion this year alone, doubling their reported revenue from 2010. So Facebook is hardly suffering in the face of this user backlash.

Google+ has responded to the Facebook changes by making their social media service open to the public with invitations no longer required. Google+ also introduced several new interactive features called Hangouts Extras. These features allow for screen sharing, Google docs sharing, and Sketchpad sharing.

So what do you think as a Facebook user? Are the changes in your favorite social network too much, or do you like the new Facebook interface? Do you think this is the right time to move on to Google+?

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12 thoughts on “What Does the New Facebook Interface Mean for Google+?”

  1. I’ve seen this new newsfeed of Facebook. I’m constantly checking my Facebook account to see the latest events happening to some of my friends so the newsfeed are very helpful for me.

  2. At first i was disappointed with the updated. It seems like i had a little control of my account however as time passed by, i actually appreciated the update. It really does show me stories that interests me. It make things easier.

  3. Facebook has already establish a good name in the social media industry. And many like to have the same concept as they have now a days. Google just entered the race for about a couple of months so I believe it’s to early to determine the market capability of the two.

  4. I think this is the near end of Facebook, they need to bring the focus on its full potential if they can’t do, Google will do.

  5. Persoanlly I don’t like the new FB newsfeed as who is Facebook to decide what is important for me and what’s not. Old newsfeed was best as you can choose which update you want to see.

  6. It’s way to much, and if they keep it up then I’ll bet that a lot of the users will start using Google+ instead.

    For me personally, I have to say that I’m using Facebook less and less. It’s due to several things, and they are all the updates, the fact that they keep tabs on which websites you are on although I’ve stopped that by using chrome with the new facebook plugin.

  7. As much as people want to complain; they aren’t going to leave because social networks are only as good as the people you know on it. I have a G+ account but I’m already losing interest because my feed is just getting filled with the “left-overs” that didn’t meet it on Facebook. Hopefully this will change but frankly, I’m too tired to start out on a new platform now – been shifting around far too often since the 90’s.

  8. Each change brings disruption,and I sincerely hate all the changes initially.
    The misfortune of facebook on this occasion was to bring a big change with the outcome in doubt, during a change, definitely positive, of his rival Google Plus

  9. i guess that facebook did really great work with their news feeds changes! Now it is easy for users to control their news feeds!! i guess markers will need to think twice before any update they will do into their facebook page, as from now any boring update will be a reason for a fan to hide the page updates from the news feeds!!


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