Facebook: 500 Million Users (Almost)

Facebook has doubled its user database on just one year and is currently getting about 250,000 new users each day. Facebook is expected to reach the 500,000,000 users milestone this week.

To celebrate reaching this milestone, Facebook will launch a new feature called Facebook Stories. With Facebook Stories you can tell your story on how Facebook influence your life, now, or in the past. Most of us Facebook users probably found one or more old friends and perhaps even reconnected with them. I bet some of you also got contacted by an ex girl- or boyfriend, right?

Leave a comment below and share how Facebook has influenced your life so far. Also feel free to join the TechPatio Facebook page if you like.

6 thoughts on “Facebook: 500 Million Users (Almost)”

  1. Unfortunately, I am yet to find an old girl friend of mind and FaceBook is not helping, darn 🙂 Anyway, 500million is an excellent achievement and there has been rumors that Mark believes they will at some point reach the 1billion milestone. Ever heard of this?

    • Hi DiTesco. One billion users? I don’t know, maybe it’s possible, eventually. But that’s a lot of people…

  2. I certainly have reconnected with a lot of high school friends. Something that would never have happened without facebook. As for ex-girlfriends, I have yet to search more diligently. I think they’re out there somewhere…perhaps I only need to attend to that search box.

    • Hi James. Thanks for your comment! As for ex girlfriends, I suppose you don’t HAVE to find them, since there’s probably a reason why they’re ex’es in the first place, right? 🙂

  3. I’m an avid user of Facebook because I want to know the up-to-date news about my colleagues and family, to make my own blog or post and to play the latest games. The new app will be the new buzz in this site. And congratulations to your greatest achievements.Keep up the good work!

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