Facebook to launch webmail service? Would you trust them?

Facebook has been working secretly on a project known as Project Titan which the public first heard something about in February. According to TechCrunch, Facebook will announce the project on Monday.

But TechCrunch knows more than that – they claim that according to reliable sources, Facebook is about to launch a webmail client, a “Gmail killer”. TechCrunch also speculates that Facebook’s own webmail service might be one of the reasons behind the recent struggle between Facebook and Google regarding contact person imports to/from Gmail.

Facebook already has a built-in “private message” feature you can use between your friends and such. It’s far from perfect but it’s good for a lot of things. Personally, I’d rather avoid using it. I love being able to search my local inbox for mails, and when a mail conversation has happened on Facebook, then I can’t search it inside my local e-mail.

Another – and probably more important downside – is data mining. Gmail already “reads” your e-mail to serve relevant ads. Facebook will surely do the same. But when is it enough? How much do you want Facebook to know about you and your e-mail habits?

For me, I’ll pass on this one. Without even knowing what it is yet.

9 thoughts on “Facebook to launch webmail service? Would you trust them?”

  1. Well, If Facebook launches mail, It would be great, But the only problem or say insecurity is the Privacy. Facebook is not well known for its privacy features. So if they can protect Privacy, then they can compete with Gmail. Else sorry FB

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  4. I think the better question is why would you use it? With other email platforms like Gmail and Yahoo, there really isn’t a need. Now if they end up offering something different to users through their email platform–I might consider that.

  5. Since Facebook has a huge number of users compare to other social site, it is only good to know that they should have build their own email messaging system. We just only hope that despite of huge amount of daily user, the bandwidth should not be affected once the email system been added.

  6. 1 work – NO!
    I will not trust facebook i might be suffering paranoia but i don`t trust them…
    I don`t like these social networks and the way they can handle with people’s
    personal information…


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