10 Tips for Using Facebook in the Office

Are you addicted to Facebook? Can you make it a full nine hours without needing to find out someone’s status or play Mafia Wars? If not, you are not alone. Here are some ways to keep up with your Facebook page without getting caught.

Rearrange your desk: People need change within their workplace. If you have the chance, move your computer and desk to minimize the chances of others watching over your shoulder. Be aware of any reflective surfaces behind you. This might inadvertently reveal your activities to the world.

Have a distracting poster in your workspace: If you have a cubicle, put up a compelling poster which appeals to the boss’ interests. Are they a classic rock and roller? Hang an awesome picture of Bob Seger. Does this person like fast motorcycles? Show off your interest in the Hayabusa and Ninja. If you’re not sure, use a poster which has a lot of detailed information. Perhaps something outlining the history of computing.

Develop awareness: You might be tempted to completely immerse yourself in the Facebook experience, but you have to resist. Watch the movements of your coworkers and be aware of your surroundings. Be prepared to leave your Facebook pages at a moment’s notice. If you have cameras in your office, know where they are pointed.

Become proficient at alt-tab and ctrl-tab: Alt-tab rotates between applications on your computer. Control-tab sends you to the next browser window that you have open. When you detect someone harmful in the area, change your browser window or the application to something that appears more work related. For PC users, Windows-D will immediately clear your desktop.

Have other applications maximized: Make sure that the work-related applications are maximized. There is nothing so embarrassing as to successfully perform an alt-tab or ctrl-tab and still see the remnants of the Farmville farm crops or the message that you were writing. If you are using Windows-D, make sure that you have switched tabs to something work related so the tell-tale ‘f’ won’t show.

Use Anonymouse.org: This is great for workplaces where your internet usage is being tracked. Go to the site, go to your preferred URL and type in your username and password from there. This is a proxy service which obscures your surfing habits from your boss.

Change your online status: You don’t want anyone to know that you were on. Go to your privacy settings and select ‘no-one’ as your online status. When your boss is using Facebook during the workday, your presence cannot be detected.

Remove embarrassing photos: If you have any photos of yourself which do not show you in a professional light, remove them. If you get caught, you don’t want to have to explain your photo as well as your activities.

Remember that people talk: You might have vented a time or two about work on your Facebook page. When you are using Facebook at work, make sure that those disparaging comments have been removed. You do not want to explain your motives.

Limit your Facebook interactions while at work: Do not leave yourself logged in all day. Check it, read the latest updates, and log off. Leave the long conversations at home. Resist the temptation to play the games. Turn your computer’s sound off so as not to startle your coworkers.

Facebook is a great way to pass the time at work. It allows you to clear your head, check on your crops, and use your energy. Most companies, however, frown on the use of Facebook at work because it diminishes productivity within the workplace. When you play on Facebook, exercise care.

Guest article written by: James Adams blogs about business, productivity and marketing at an online specialist in office supplies and office stationery.

17 thoughts on “10 Tips for Using Facebook in the Office”

  1. Here’s a lot of tips that I can use on our office for using Facebook. 😆 You can also add that we should use any kind of messenger which will help us a lot from being catched. :p

  2. Facebook is one of the social networking sites that our company use in promoting our digitizing services for logo apparel. We are allowed to spend our few minutes in this site to update our followers regarding our services.

  3. that was very funny, thanks James. I totally, utterly and absolutery agree with “alt-tab and ctrl-tab” use! I was on it all the time when I worked in the corporate world. Also, I was setting the “auto-hide taskbar” so if a collegue was coming next to me, they couldn’t see the window tabs on the taskbar below, you know what I mean. Back then I was having Kazaa running in the background downloading mp3’s. LOL

  4. Hi there,

    Probably the best part of being the business’s social media officer is I get to spend time talking on Facebook and Twitter. : D



  5. Great tips, but I have one big problem. The company’s firewall is blocking the connection to facebook and there’s no work around.

  6. Facebook is one of the social networking sites that our company use in promoting our business.We need to spend few minutes in this site to update our followers regarding our services.Nice article thanks for sharing.

  7. Be careful about what you put up on Facebook if you are linked to friends at work too. I have heard of someone who post up about a big night out and that they had a hangover. They didn’t turn up for work with an weak excuse plus no doctor’s note and were not surprisingly fired :0


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