Facebook brings Voice and Video Calls back to its Main App

Facebook is set to bring back voice and video call features to its main Facebook app after moving them to Messenger in 2014, according to a Bloomberg report by Kurt Wagner.

Available in some countries including America, users are now able to make voice or video calls using the Facebook app. Facebook is currently testing the voice and video call features, which is supposed to cut down the number of times their users need to switch over to the Messenger app.

Facebook and Messenger were once a single app, but in 2014 the social media company decided to split them into separate apps. As a result, people were required to download the Messenger app if they want to send private messages to other Facebook users or to call someone using the Facebook platform.

They have also begun testing a limited version of Messenger’s inbox in the core Facebook app last autumn.

Director of product management at Messenger Connor Hayes said that Facebook is starting to consider Messenger as a service instead of just a standalone app, “You’re going to start to see quite a bit more of this over time. Messenger is the connective tissue for people to be together when apart, regardless of which service they’re choosing to use.”

Facebook first enabled messaging between its Messenger and Instagram app last September, and there are plans to also bring this feature to its WhatsApp messaging service as well. CEO Mark Zuckerberg emphasized that integrating the company’s messaging services is beneficial to users, allowing them to reach more people and reducing the need to download or switch between separate apps.

Image: SlashGear

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