How to Optimize Facebook Ads in 2023

It’s 2023 and Facebook ads still continue to dominate ROI-focused PPI marketing strategies. And in case you have any doubts, don’t let anyone further confuse you!

Because despite the entry of new digital marketing platforms, Facebook still allows businesses to reach over 30 percent of the world’s population with its 2.96 billion user base. So this means that if you’re using the right ad strategies, targeting the right audience, and optimizing your Facebook ads in 2023, you’re still reaching out to a far bigger market than anywhere else. 

But many businesses, despite hiring PPC management agencies, continue to struggle with Facebook ad optimization. This is because Facebook’s marketing features albeit being dynamic are updated rapidly and marketers must keep up with the latest trends to churn out the most of this powerful tool.

If you have been struggling with your Facebook ad conversions and not getting the desired results, it’s time to look at your optimization. And today in this blog, we have covered the same matter for you.

So continue to read this blog and find out how you can still make the most of Facebook ads through optimization and spend your money where it’s worth it!

A laptop showcasing Facebook ads

Learn About Different Ad Types

Before we get into the nitty gritty of Facebook ad optimization, it’s important for businesses to know about the vast variety of ads they can display on Facebook. Knowing the ad types will help you pick the one that works best for your product, aptly caters to your target market, and spend according to your budget. 

Here are the ad types you can display on Facebook.

  • Images: Images are the most popular type of Facebook ads. These allow businesses to put up a single photo of a product alongside a description.
  • Videos: Video ads are expensive to make and can be up to 240 minutes long. However, Facebook recommends 15-seconds video ads for the best results.
  • Carousel: Carousel is an ideal ad type for businesses that have a vast product range and want to display multiple products with different captions simultaneously. 
  • Slideshows: Your PPC ad management service may recommend you a slideshow if you don’t have the budget for video but want to display an animated ad. 
  • Lead: Lead-generation ads help you build a customer funnel by allowing you to ad CTA buttons to your ads and collect information. 
  • Instant Experience: Instant experience ads are mobile-only interactive ads that allow your potential customers to engage with a product or service. 
  • Stories: Stories are again meant for mobile-only devices. These allow businesses to promote their product on Facebook stories.
  • Messenger: You can also invest in Facebook messenger ads where customers can then reach out to your business for more information. 

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Update Your Facebook Ad Account 

Once you have learned about different ad types, it’s time to set up and polish your Facebook ad account. You can use Facebook Ad Manager to conveniently navigate your ROI-focused PPC ads on the platform. 

Some ways to update your Facebook ad account include adding all the details of your business, verifying your business, and adding your target audience for better optimization. 

Use Google and Meta Tools for Data

If you want to fully leverage Facebook ads and optimize them in 2023, starting using Google and Meta Tools for PPC marketing. Two of the popular tools include Google Tag Manager and Meta Pixel that allow you to improve your optimization at the website’s backend and offer a better reach on social media. 

Learn About Bidding Strategies

Bidding strategies refer to the types of payment plans you can opt for on Facebook ads. You can choose Cost-per-Click, Cost-per-Impression, Cost-per-Action, Lifetime, or Daily budget for your Facebook ad spend. 

Know Your Ad Objective

There are numerous ad objectives that you can achieve through Facebook ads. PPC management experts say you can do the following on Facebook:

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Conversion
  3. Traffic
  4. Lead Generation
  5. Engagement 
  6. Views and Installations
  7. Store Visits 

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Pick the Right Scheduling Time 

Facebook has different pricing as well as different reach according to the time of the day, day of the week, season, and month. If you’re choosing lifetime budget, you can schedule your ads and optimize the exposureby picking the time that allows you to maximize your Facebook ad reach. 

Target a Wider Audience 

PPC ad management is all about catering to the right audience. However, you may fail to tap a larger potential audience if you limit your target audience. Therefore, expand your interests, know your competitor’s audience, and broaden your target market to see what works best for your Facebook ad reach. 

Make Your Ad Stand Out

Another way to optimize your Facebook ad in 2023 is to create a solid, highly-optimized, and unique copy. Make sure your ad type (image/video/carousel) is novel and your copy caters to customers across different funnel stagesand help you achieve your goals through the Facebook ad. 

Automate As Much As You Can

There are many automation tools that help you maximize the return on your PPC ads. Take the burden off your shoulders by hiring an expert PPC management companyand using auto-optimization tools. 

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Scale As Per Your Needs 

Some PPC experts will tell you to scale your ads 20 percent weekly till you start seeing the results. However, in 2023, Facebook ad optimization calls for rigorous scaling and you should be willing to go all in initially to see the right marketing mix for yourself. 

Offer Fresh Perspectives 

Customers shouldn’t get bored of your Facebook ads and move to your competitors. Therefore, use a variety of marketing mix, different types of Facebook ads, and constantly update your updates to avoid monotony. 

Always Use CTA Buttons

Facebook has very vast ad features andPPC management services. Make sure you fully leverage those features and add CTA buttons to enjoy higher conversion than others. 

Have Your Landing Page Ready 

Naturally, when your potential customers will click the CTA buttons, they will end up on your website’s landing pages at some point. For this reason, don’t overlook your landing page and hire expert digital marketing agency to make your landing pages ready to cater to the needs of incoming traffic. 

Don’t Overlook Meta’s Advertising Guidelines 

Facebook has very strict guidelines and policies regarding ad content. Make sure you’re fully aware of the Meta advertising policies and don’t indulge in practices that get your ad flagged or worse, your Facebook page disabled. 

Lastly, Hire Expert PPC Management Agency!

Eventually, it all comes down to the extensive efforts of PPC management services that you hire for your ROI-focused PPC management. 

With an experienced PPC management company on-board, you can not only optimize your Facebook ads in 2023 but also leverage the potential of the platform to grow your business to new heights. So make the most of Facebook ads in 2023 and start taking steps in the right direction today. 

Guest article written by: The author is a senior PPC management expert associated with Search Berg. The author has specialized in PPC marketing for Meta and has worked for over a hundred clients’ Facebook ad optimization projects.