7 of the Best Facebook Marketing Tools to Optimize Your Social Promotions

Social Media has been on a rapid evolution since it has been introduced to the internet. Social media is an internet-based platform to share your thoughts, ideas, and information. One of the early appearances on social media was made by Facebook, followed by other social media platforms. 

Facebook was born in the year 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, and it has over 2.3 billion active users spread across the globe. It has been a popular social platform and is continuously growing since then. Facebook having such a heavy audience count also attracts much business from the corporate world. It is an excellent marketing stage because of the insane number of eyeballs that go through Facebook on a regular basis. 

Who doesn’t want such a marketing strategy? Which requires a little effort and gives a lot in return. Brands and Marketing agencies have seen Facebook’s potential right from the beginning and have successfully set up their business with the help of Facebook marketing. With the development of technology and software, people have come up with specific tools in order to boost their marketing on social media platforms like Facebook. Some of the best in class Facebook marketing tools goes as follows:

1. MobileMonkey 

MobileMonkey is a leading Facebook Messenger chatbot platform. MobileMonkey is an exceptional tool to automate the communication on their Facebook business page without knowing the functioning of a chatbot. According to the MobileMonkey website, they promise a 70-80% engagement rate with chat blasts in the very first hour. MobileMonkey on their website provides all the help one would need to understand the functioning of the tool and also its features. It is an excellent tool irrespective of the business’s size; it can always fulfill your needs. 

MobileMonkey has a simple to use UI because of which it is user friendly, and everyone can easily access its functions. It has a very sturdy integration mechanism that can integrate messages and texts. It has a pretty decent pricing when compared to its competitors in this segment. You can personalize the chatbot according to your preferences and then deploy it to give a personalized experience to your customers. And as MobileMonkey converses with your customers, it builds its AI engine stronger and therefore improves with every human interaction.

2. SendinBlue

SendinBlue, created in 2012, is an email marketing software that can help you generate and run Facebook ad campaigns with more efficacy. It is an excellent software for businesses ranging from small to medium. It allows enterprises to automate emails even on a budget. SendinBlue comes with free and paid plans according to the user requirements, and it is so far the best-priced email marketing software in its fragment. 

This technique has been beneficial for the SendinBlue, as they have more than 80,000 users and send a crazy 100 million emails each day. They also offer three editors to choose from the drag and drop editor, Rich text editor, and paste your HTML code. 

SendinBlue provides email inbox testing in which different email inboxes along with their view in mobile, tablet, and laptop is tested to see how the email looks on these various domains and devices. This software comes with built-in templates to try on with your email to make it look and sound more convincing to the target customers.

3. Shortstack

A widespread name in digital marketing is Shortstack, and this is a very famous software built for engagement, lead collection, and automates marketing. It is a very robust contest platform that arranges giveaways, quizzes, photo-vote contests, and a variety of other competitions among the customers, which in turn increases the engagement on the database. 

These contests help the user to build brand awareness and throw a spotlight on the product to capture the audience. This software has organized cloud storage, which keeps all the entries in one place without creating a fuss; this makes the user to analyze and review the results quickly. 

Shortstack is the software that anyone can use, be it a rookie in coding or design. It has a very easy to understand User Interface that is accessible by everyone. They provide a predesigned user template and also the freedom to design the contest from scratch; this gives a customer much better ways of customizations. People at Shortstack really care about their customer relations, and because of this, they provide very responsive customer service. With Shortstack, you also get real-time insights on views, shares, and other traffic sources.

4. Heyo

Heyo is Facebook marketing software. It offers quite a number of services like Sweepstakes, Multi-Format Contests, Photo Contest, Viral Sweeps, Instagram Sweeps, Twitter Sweeps, Video Contest, Contests, and Sweepstakes Quizzes, Polls, Coupons Campaign Builder. It has a very self-explanatory user interface, which enables users to operate the software efficiently. 

Heyo helps medium and small businesses to grow on social media exponentially; This is an automation platform that is user friendly for landing pages, contests, and signs up forms. It also helps the Facebook community to grow, manages hashtag campaigns, regulates photo, and video contests. 

By conducting contests, you can collect email addresses from potential customers and use them for email blasting in the future. The integration of social media platform is very well handled by Heyo; it offers the users a 7-day free trial and paid plans; Paid plans have basic, standard, and premium variants with $45, $99, and $249 monthly rates. A user can choose from the given plans based on the customer force he wants to target on the platform.

5. Pagemodo

If you are into social media marketing, particularly Facebook marketing, you must have heard the name Pagemodo. Pagemodo was launched in the year 2010 as Fanbuilders. Since then, it has been an excellent tool for customizing your Facebook fan page and increasing its engagement. 

You can easily communicate with the software even if you don’t have that much of a technical and graphical background. Yes, it is that easy to interact with it and get your work done. Beginners can easily create custom tabs on Facebook, and Pagemodo allows the users to implement their creativity according to their skill-set. 

Pagemodo has a good interaction with certain websites, which directs customers to the linked LinkedIn pages and other website pages. Pagemodo allows customers to track the contests and giveaways through its intelligent software blueprint. This software alerts when a new entry is made, and then the user can export the data into excel sheets for future use and documentation purposes. Pagemodo gives a 14-day free trial, and its paid plans constitute a basic plan, pro plan, and an agency plan pricing at $9, $19, and $59 per month, respectively, depending on the user’s needs.

6. SocialOomph 

Social media productivity is a very strenuous task to handle. SocialOomph handles it with great ease when it comes to Facebook marketing. SocialOomph was created in the year 2008 in Canada; this social media marketing tool provides excellent help in enhancing productivity for Facebook users, which results in the increased engagement of your Facebook page. 

SocialOomph is used for the automation of various tasks across a range of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This software helps in monitoring the engagement on your social media handle and also schedules posts and tweets. 

Monitoring new followers and destroying outdated posts are some of the unique features it provides, along with its commendable customer support. SocialOomph gives the flexibility of canceling the subscription according to your wish. The plans for this utility tool starts from $15 to $55 a month. 

7. Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse offers you a dashboard with which you can monitor your Facebook page’s overall activity; this enables users to navigate through the software conveniently, giving them a user-friendly experience. Agora Pulse has a scheduler that keeps the engagement streamlined and allowing users to create posts across different platforms simultaneously; this helps in planning a campaign with great ease. This software offers the ability to save hashtags that seem essential to run campaigns in the future, which could be a time-saver for the user. Scheduling of Facebook posts multiple times and being able to visualize and edit timestamps can be a lifesaver. 

The integration in Argo Pulse allows it to comment on the posts through the user’s Facebook Ad account and navigate through options and menus, and this can be exhausting when done without the help of Agro Pulse. It is easy to organize accounts within the platform. A user can also review, respond, delete, ban users on Facebook for a lesser hassle.


Facebook marketing tools give you the convenience of promoting your brand on social media. Your brand will get recognition by a much larger audience, all this possible at an affordable price and complete transparency. By using Facebook as your marketing channel, you can reach, attract, and engage users globally and nurture leads to convert them into well-paying customers.

Guest article written by: Khushali Raval is an Author at Phoneier. Having experience with 5 years of writing about phones and other gadgets. He loves to explore and write different gadgets from android phones to wearable gadgets.

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