Dental Color Options — Best Hues for a Dental Business

Dental Color — How to Choose a Color Scheme for a Dentistry Office

Choosing a color scheme for your dentistry office may seem insignificant. However, it’s important to make your place of business feel inviting. Certain color options can aid you in that goal, while others may have a counter effect. Choosing the right colors will make your clients feel more relaxed, leaving a positive impression.

If you’re unsure of which color options are the best for a dentistry business, consulting with a dental office designer can be beneficial. They can help you understand the psychology behind colors and why you should or shouldn’t use them. To learn more about dental color options and which ones are best for you, read on.

Dental Color Options — Which Emotions Do Certain Colors Evoke?

Human behavior is greatly influenced by color. Psychologists have been studying how certain colors can change human behavior for decades — We now know how important hues are to everything from evoking emotion to improving the taste of food. Nowadays, color psychology is often used in marketing and branding. Additionally, interior designers see color as integral in business office design.

There are certain colors you should avoid when choosing paint for your office. Overbearing, neon colors tire out the eyes and make people uncomfortable. Additionally, when the walls of a business are too dark, it can make clients feel claustrophobic. Here are the colors you should take into account when designing your dental office:

Main Dental Color Options

When choosing the main color for your dental office, white may seem like an obvious choice. However, white can be too stark and overbearing on the eyes. Similarly, dark colors, such as black or very dark shades of grey, cause a similar effect. Even bright colors, such as fiery red or lime green, should not be a main dental office color option.

Up until recently, many thought that blue was a good main color choice for a dental office. However, if you want your office to look more modern, too much blue may not be optimal. Because blue is so often used in hospitals, it may remind people of the time they spent there. So, which colors should you use? The two best options are neutral colors and pastels.


When choosing dental office paint colors, neutrals may be your safest bet. They are easy on the eyes and look quite elegant. Neutrals are a popular choice of office paint nowadays, so there are a lot of options to pick from. You can go for a warm beige or brown that looks inviting and cozy. Alternatively, you can choose cooler shades, such as light grays. Cooler colors look modern and pair well with minimalist designs. However, if you decide on gray or brown, make sure not to go too dark.

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors are a great option, as they come in many varieties. You can choose a warm, blush pink, or go for a cooler option, such as mint green. Additionally, lavender is always a great choice. It’s the perfect blend of colorful and neutral, inviting, but not too overwhelming. Alternatively, you can choose a non-intrusive pastel, such as a peach or an apricot. These colors won’t stand out too much, and they’re easy to combine with fun secondary color options.

Secondary Dental Color Options

When choosing secondary colors, you can experiment more. However, there are still some things you should be mindful of. Firstly, choose colors that complement your primary color. If the primary hue is a warm beige, go for warmer colors, such as yellow and orange. Alternatively, if the main color is a cooler shade of gray, go with blue or purple.

Secondly, you should still avoid using a lot of neon hues. Small amounts of bright colors can make your office look welcoming. However, if you use them too much, neon colors can tire out the eyes and even appear repulsive to your clients. That’s why it’s best to keep the bright colors to a minimum. For example, a neon green vase or a bright orange picture frame are safe ways to include bright colors into your dental office color schemes.

Here are some of the most common secondary dental office color options to choose from:


Blue pairs perfectly with cool, grey walls. Together, they give off a luxurious essence. If you want your office to look modern and minimalist, combining these two colors will do the trick. Additionally, blue looks great in combination with metal tools. That’s why a lot of exam rooms use blue. Furthermore, certain hues of blue can have a calming effect. A lot of people feel anxious when going to the dentist. Light, calming shades of blue can go a long way in helping them feel more relaxed.


Red conveys a feeling of trust and energy. If used in moderation, it can make your place of business feel more welcoming. However, it’s best to keep this color away from the procedure room. Red can exacerbate anxiety, and many people are already afraid of the dentist or find the process uncomfortable. Additionally, bright red can make children more active and energetic, which can cause problems during procedures.


When used in moderation, black can make an office feel more sophisticated. You can juxtapose it with soft pastels for an unconventional look. Alternatively, combine black with blues and grays if you want your office to give off a minimalist, modern feel.

Should You Hire a Dental Office Designer?

If you want to make sure your dentistry business looks amazing, hiring a dental office designer may be a good idea. An experienced designer understands what goes into creating dental office color schemes. They know which colors to combine and how. Additionally, they know which colors to steer clear from.

A great designer will do more than simply choose dental color options for you. They will help you with the decor in your office and make sure everything is in its optimal place. Investing in a dental office designer will get your business to the next level and steps ahead of the competition.


Dental color options can be difficult to choose from. However, hiring a skilled dental office designer can make the process run more smoothly. Additionally, understanding human psychology and how colors influence our behaviors can be quite beneficial. Paying attention to the color schemes of your office ensures your clients will feel comfortable in your business.

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