5 Steps to Getting More Facebook Page Likes

Did you know that up one-third of internet users log onto Facebook at least once per day?

What do they do when they arrive on the social media platform? They like, share and post on Facebook, of course.

If you have created a Facebook fan page, then you want to get as many Facebook page likes as possible. 

However, that is easier said than done. Check out the below steps to increase the number of likes you get on Facebook. Let’s go!

1. Always Stay Consistent 

If you want to improve the number of likes you get, then you need to stay consistent. Be predictable!

Your fan users will come to expect a certain number of posts per week. Many people say five is the right amount.

Fans may even get familiar with you posting a video on Tuesdays and pictures on Thursday. Whatever you decide!

As long as you’re posting regularly, keep it consistent so that your followers know what to expect.

There is no “magic time” to post. But, whenever you think your users are most likely to be engaged on Facebook, post at that moment.

2. Post Attention-Grabbing Stuff

Even the most loyal fans won’t “like” posts which are boring and irrelevant. You need to grab people’s attention if you’re going to boost your likes.

Mixing it up can help. Don’t just post text-only updates, this is dull. Get people engaged with Facebook Live posts or amazing videos to get fans excited.

Your posts need to be of high quality as well. Think carefully about whether you want entertainment your audience with hilarious videos or educate them with informative posts.

3. Keep it Short and Sweet 

You may know celebs who post long text-only posts on Facebook or Instagram. This only works if you have tones of die-hard fans already.

Generally speaking, the shorter and sweeter, the better.

Posts with under 100 characters get around 17 percent more engagement compared with longer posts.

If you can remove a word or two to make your sentences read smoother, always do it. It’s social media, not a high school essay!

4. Add a Call to Action

Fans don’t only want to read posts. They want to engage and interact with your Facebook page.

If you want users to “like” your page, you can simply ask them to get involved. After every post, include a call to action.

Ask them if they enjoyed the content you produce and “like” it if they agree. Encourage comments as well to gain further engagement.

5. Invest in Facebook Likes

There are organic ways to build up your audience. However, it’s not always easy to get your Facebook page off the ground.

If you need to build an audience quickly, then you may consider investing Facebook likes to increase fanpage likes for your posts.

Get More Facebook Page Likes

What is the point of having a fan facebook page if nobody ever likes anything? There are many ways to increase engagement for your page.

You can learn more about facebook page likes and other social media tips on our website.

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  1. Great post, great ways to get more exposure in Facebook and thereby adding more audience to your business. Facebook is the most important social media platform in terms of number of users and it is important to tap your target audience from this bunch.


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