6 mistakes brands are making while marketing on Facebook

Social media platforms are used widely by companies to introduce and maximize their businesses. The outreach of these platforms is huge, spread across millions and millions of users who invest their time daily in these social platforms for various purposes. Hence, using them as a tool to build businesses has grown widely.

One such platform is Facebook having over 2.6 billion members active on its digital space, making it the biggest social network around the globe.

Facebook has increased its reach over other social media platforms as well, Instagram, WhatsApp, you name it! It is only sound as such, to use it effectively in order to grow your business. Facebook allows any kind of new start-up business to create its own business page and set up its campaign through advertisements. These are termed as Ad Campaigns where you would need to set up certain specific objectives categorized under three headings namely, awareness, consideration and conversion. The objectives are to be framed depending upon the kind of actions you would want your prospective customers to take.

However, brands and businesses are not always cut out for running glitch-free, perfect campaigns. A lot of them are still learning through an ever-expanding trial and error process. Safe to say, they are making mistakes. Here is a look at a few of them.

1. Targeting the wrong sector of audience

Before you start your business, it is important that you select the kind of audience you want to deliver your work to. Audience must be selected based on their location, demography and profile information. Your audience are your prospective customers and therefore you must select that section of audience who you will be willing to sell your business to. Accordingly, you may also have different sections of audience for different ventures. The right selection of audience will help you to understand their interests and for them to understand your business and cater to their needs accordingly.


The strategies that you formulate for growing your brand must meet the needs of the audience that you have targeted. Selection of the wrong sect of people will lead to a major failure in your entire campaign strategy. To pursue people to take part in your business venture it is important that you understand exactly what kind of people would be interested in the same. Right selection of audience will help you to formulate right kind of course of action to achieve the desired results.

2. Ineffectiveness to accommodate different strategies

Our tastes and perceptions change every minute. The kind of data that is being consumed today also changes from time to time. To grow your business, you need to be aware of the kind of work that is being done in your field and keep a constant track of the process of how things are being done. There is more than enough digital content to consume in Facebook’s digital space. Rather the rate of production of such content is higher than its consumption.

Today there are various businesses, from small scale to large scale and various start-ups. You need to make sure that your work does not get subdued among them. Therefore, time and again you will encounter different problems that will call for different ways in solving them. Hence, you need to be prepared beforehand and devise effective plans and strategize your way through it.

Customers are filled with various kinds of lucrative choices to dig in, therefore, you need to plan out efficiently as to what kind of strategy/s you will use. Your strategies will decide how effective you are able to put forward your business ideas to the customers. The right strategy will help you to select the right audience and therefore boost your growth largely. Over time you ought to make changes to your strategies because we are constantly in the state of changing; trends change, interests change, outlook changes and you have to make sure that you are updated to everything going around you in the digital forum, which will then help you to devise appropriate ways to sell your brand according to the audience perceptions.

Some strategies will work alone while some will have to be grouped together according to the audience needs. Therefore, you need to have the ability to work through multiple strategies and ways.

3. Unenterprising headings and captions

What do you intend to read first when you come across an image and an article?

To get a brief idea of what a post is about we either read the heading or the caption. They give you a sketch of what the post is and if the heading and the caption catches your attention, you then go forward to take a look in the post details. Therefore, it is impediment to have a catchy title to your post. One that will make the readers stay a while longer in your post. The longer they engage with your feed, the better chances for your audience to grow.

Nobody wants to read a boring lame title and caption. Don’t we try to make our Instagram captions and Facebook captions as interesting to read as possible? We do! Because they are what will make an individual want to know your page more. Their interest will make them engage with your profile page and other posts.

Your headings and Captions must not be very long! You already have a post with all the details in it therefore the caption to the post must be short and catchy. Which will make the readers want to know more about what you are trying to sell. It is important to hold the reader’s attention.

4. Less focus on out-of-the-box thinking

The more you are able to put in creative effort, the more likely it is to bring new customers. The digital world today is constantly being updated to new innovations and creativity. New formats are being clubbed with old formats to generate creative contents. You can mix and blend a lot of different styles that are interesting, engaging, up to date, creative and attractive.

Facebook allows you to build posts with different formats such as photos, stories, videos, carousels and slideshows. For example, pictures in motion are visually more pleasant and attractive. Still images are attractive but when you add the feature of motion in it, it assures u a higher audience engagement in your post than it would have been in an otherwise still photo.

A flexible approach ensures a higher venture sustenance. The more fun and creative a content, the higher probability of its outreach. Therefore, it is vital for you to be updated and keep changing your ways of work with more innovations and experiments.

5. Inefficiency to keep constant monitoring and analytical review

As important as it is to publish and promote your business, it is also important for you to constantly keep a track of your business venture. Once you put your business out there, u need to be aware of how your business is doing from time to time. And to do that you must keep a check on the Facebook pixels which are analytics that gives you information about which post is doing well, which sector of audience is engaging more with your content, how long the audience is spending time in you posts and so on and so forth.

The section of Facebook analytics will help you to understand your growth in a specific period of time, the kind of content your audience is more interested in, the reach of your posts, data on existing and prospective customers, comparative analysis of your posts and a check on how well your page is overall doing.

An important tool of monitoring your business page is surveys through fun interactive question answers, testing through questionnaires, customer generated queries which will help to guide your future post in the right direction to grow your business.

6. Imbalance between the quantity of ads and expenses

One of the major mistakes committed by new businesses is not being able to keep a steady track of budgeting. Majority of small scale businesses invest a lot of their money on single ad accounts. They tend to increase their number of campaigns in one ad account which results in unorganized and complex situation. Whereas it is important to keep your budget very organized and up to date with every small detail. This way ad campaigns tend to remain more efficient and easy to understand. 

Too many campaigns on one ad account will make it very difficult for you to keep track of every bit. Sudden high investments would benefit very little. It is therefore advisable to have a tangible minimum amount of ad conversions. A healthy balance between your ad campaigns and spending will lead to a slow but steady growth.

Guest article written by: Aditya is the founder of Digital Polo a unique design company that provides unlimited design work for a simple, affordable fee. He also heads a full-service digital agency called Nico Digital.

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