How To Start Making More Leads On Facebook For Moving Companies?

The Internet will undoubtedly play a central role in marketing moving companies. A website optimized for search engines should be a priority before diving into Facebook marketing. 

Here, you should be able to inform yourself about the range of services you offer. It should also be possible to request a customized offer. Ideally, the website is optimized so that customers in Region X come across your homepage when researching about the best moving service.

When you have your website ready, let’s talk about Facebook marketing.

1. Set The Right Audience in The Facebook Ad Manager

The biggest mistake is that companies don’t know their target group. And that is a serious mistake.

The problem with imprecise target group description is that the ad is shown to many people for whom your content is not interesting. For example, if you place an ad aimed at attracting movers but show it off to the wrong people (teenagers, kids, etc.), you end up paying a lot of money for a new lead.

2. Play Out Your Advertising to Warm Leads

Facebook ads are much more effective when shown to people who have been in contact with you before.

Warm leads are, for example:

  • Users who already like the company’s Facebook page
  • Users who have already been to your company website

3. Use Facebook Pixel

How do you find out if someone has already been to your website? That’s why you need a Facebook Pixel. It is a small code you can make in the Facebook Ads Manager.

You can insert this code on your website. Then, it detects the visitors who have been to your website. In the next step, Facebook will display ads that are only shown to people who have visited your page in the last 90 days.

4. Create Lookalike Audiences

Smaller companies, in particular, will have the problem that only a few thousand people visit their website. It makes sense to display a Facebook ad to these people. 

However, it can be better for you to create so-called lookalike audiences. It is a target group that is similar to the people who have been to the company website. 

To do this, Facebook looks at the profiles of people who have been to a company page: How old are they? Where are you from? What are they interested in? How much do you earn? 

Then, Facebook creates a target group from them. The same thing works with Facebook fans too. 

That means: besides displaying your ad to your fans, you can also target people who like a similar moving companies page like yours. With this, you usually have a more precise target group profile than if you tried to define the target group based on interests.

5. Place Ads that Trigger a Specific Action

You can now define 15 different campaign goals in the Facebook Ads Manager. For example: “Increase brand awareness.” That may make sense for large corporations like Coca-Cola did.

However, we prefer ads that are supposed to trigger a specific action if you are just getting started. For example:

  • Liking a page
  • Subscribing to a newsletter
  • Participating in a competition
  • Attending a webinar

Only then can the result be well measured, and you can keep improving it by trying it out.

6. Be Patient and Persevere

You cannot assume that you will immediately get a return on investment as soon as you place an ad. We recommend you seeing Facebook ads as a long-term investment. 

Especially those who offer expensive products cannot expect their target group to grab it immediately. The actual purchase often takes place months later.

7. Believe in Your Strategy and Invest Enough Money

“How much money do I have to invest in ads?” That is a popular question that we can’t answer across the board. This is because the Facebook ads algorithm performs better as you invest. The more ads you display, the more Facebook collects the data and understands your business’s best audience.

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